One of my clients who had his crystals attuned has been having great breakthroughs. He’s also getting a lot of knowledge from his crystals and from his higher self. Here’s one piece of article he wrote on his blog.

“Most recently attuned crystals. You can really feel the energy!

I received new information recently about the powers of crystals and how they can be used more effectively. The message is to stop treating the crystals as batteries and leverage them for more powerful purposes as circuits – run energy through them instead of absorbing energy from them.

This is a powerful concept and a big departure from the traditional application of crystals – and also more aligned with the scientific application of crystals. We have access to far more personal energy than any crystal can produce, however highly activated. So we can program the crystals to achieve an outcome, and then run our energy through the crystals in a circuit to manifest what we desire to produce.

I’ve seen some people talking about crystals delivering shocks, getting very hot or unable to hold for a long time. They’re impressed with the power of the crystal but not considering why the energy is “misfiring.” From what I’m being told, spiritual energy should flow. Sparks and heat mean something in the circuit is not working – either the energy isn’t calibrated, the crystal isn’t properly programmed, or the polarities are out of alignment.

This brings up a whole new level of alchemy – programming the crystals, running the energy and utilizing the archetypes creates a powerful circuit that I hadn’t considered. I played with this briefly last night and already major new awareness is coming up.

So it’s choosing the right crystals for the intention, proper programming and then running the energy through them.”

This article about our last coaching session during the full moon + summer solstice is also a very interesting read!

Rhett is showing a great level of depth and wisdom. He was writing articles many years ago and then stopped, until several people told him they were greatly inspired by his blog. It’s one great blog to read to reframe your spiritual perspective and learn from his wisdom as he grows. And I can tell he has barely begun his growth.

Other students are really beginning to awaken their powers. Andreas just came to the Chiang Mai live event. Communication still isn’t his strength but he starting to reconnect with very strong physical powers. He might have been my personal bodyguard back in Orion. He has very interesting and advanced security energetic technologies installed on him that even I would have to be careful about. View Andreas’ testimonial and an interesting demonstration here.

And then Maria who came from Trinidad y Tobago (3 days flight with a missed transfer in London!!) and Andreas are both working with one of my clients José and they both told me they have made GREAT progress from that support. José still goes through his own challenges and was doubting himself but apparently he’s more helpful than he thought! It really humbles me to see people around me starting to find their voice. This really is just the beginning.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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