After the article on the Theta Universe, a question I received from a Theta soul is: why did we come into this Universe? This is a more complex story which I feel is the time to share.

52 souls in this Universe come from the Theta Universe. 50 are currently incarnated on this planet while 2 are working intensely in the energetic planes. 46 came within 3 ships while 6 walked in on their own. One ship is the Orion mother-ship that is still around here. It has the unique ability to materialize and dematerialize from the physical plane because it is built in 13 densities. Another ship belonds to Atman, the Blue Star, which is built in 26 densities. It was hidden for protection and recently got reconstructed. The last ship is called the Golden Sphinx and is a lot more ancient, and is built in 137 densities! It doesn’t come from the Theta Universe but from the other Universe above it, and is the only ship in this entire Universe having the ability to travel back there. It’s lower 12 densities, as well as it’s physical presence, were only added after it came into this Universe. It was destroyed by Atman a long time ago and we just repaired it. I’m in contact with the 3 incarnated souls who own these 3 ships.

So the big question: why did we come here? There was 7 demons in the “Pure Universe”, Atman and his 6 brothers, that were causing serious troubles and had been trapped within the Golden Sphinx ship for an eternity, which belonged to the grand-father of one of my clients. When the demons escaped, his grand-father came after them in the Theta Universe. My client eventually inherited the ship to keep tracking the demons while his grand-father went back home.

Atman stole an advanced technology that gave him surnatural power over creation. They couldn’t enter the “city” in the Theta Universe because it was guarded like a fortress. The demons allowed themselves to be trapped and they were trapped into a laboratory where they were being studied… not knowing that with the technology they had stolen, they could exit at any time. They gathered intelligence information and access code, and eventually escaped and raped the priestess who was in the laboratory — which I eventually located afterwards. She’s my current sister. As we were in a small group doing some healing work, this flash of memory came to my mind, and as I was about to mention it, her body was bent in half and she was screaming to her death. That’s confirmation. I told the demon “come out and face me!” and it jumped out while I fell back while screaming, and I got back at him. Metatron and the Archangels came to help and we destroyed it. The others in the room witnessed a very serious case of exorcism. After being raped, she gave birth to 7 demons including Lucifer and Baal. As of right now, only one of these 7 demons is still alive.

Eventually, Atman used his stolen technology to transcend his nature of demon and he took the identity of the Creator, while turning his 6 brothers into Dracos. He came as Adam, Osiris and Jesus on this planet. Atman broke with his brothers and they have been at war ever since. As Atman was leading an expedition to create this Universe, his ship got attacked by 2 Draco ships from 2 of his brothers. He suffered severe damage and the Dracos stole the stolen technology and came into this Universe. Me and my soul-level mom felt the disturbance in the force and volunteered to help. Note that the Dracos destroyed half of the stolen technology and have never been able to access the other half. Atman had 15 others with him who made it through. I’m not counting Atman in the 52 because he’s “something else”.

Meanwhile, the Dracos were causing serious troubles. Some of the people mentioned here want to retain their anonymity for security reasons. The owner of the Orion ship, let’s call her the Mother of Orion. She has been sent into this Universe to investigate anomalies with the dark forces. They made extensive preparations and built a triangular structure to preserve their Theta state in this Universe, but before they even entered this Universe, they also got attacked by the Dracos, and their structure shattered in pieces. This was a very bad start. She came with 15 others in her ship. She’s the daughter of Gaia, and we can consider Gaia as being incarnated.

Then the 3rd ship followed them with the director of the laboratory and his staff. This is the only ship who came into this Universe and that didn’t get attacked by the Dracos. I guess they were very scared of that ship after spending an eternity in it, plus he was specifically looking for them. During an expedition I did with that ship by piloting it with my soul, I was attacked by Dracos and they turned into 3 frozen cubes that I carried along. I like the technologies in it.

This explains why we’re here. Shortly after, the 4 demons that stayed in the Theta Universe turned it into total chaos and destruction, and time was frozen 1.3 billion years ago to prevent a total collapse.

After repairing the ancient ship, I tracked back the 2 brothers of Atman who were in this Universe. They were already defeated but there was still a black mass that was passive but still strong. I was given 2 cages to trap them, and closing the box froze time inside. However we couldn’t keep those here, nor in the higher densities. We had to bring it back where it came from. Which led to an expedition into the “Pure Universe”.

I brought the demons back there and was greeted by their king. It looked like a golden city with the portal to the Theta Universe in the middle of the public place, and that portal was closed for obvious reasons. I was stopped at the entrance and had to request permission to open the door. When the king saw me, he exclaimed “The Golden Sphinx! I haven’t seen that ship for ages!” and he explained the story of it, my client and his grand-father. As for the demon, he said they were not demons but Arch-Demons. There’s a big difference, and that’s why they cannot be killed. He placed them in safe storage and I came back.

We’re currently resolving the original quest after a VERY LONG time.

By the way, the technology in the ancient ship is extremely surprising… and I’m especially impressed by its simplicity. It has a medical regeneration device, and this ancient model is very simple. It has a series of sensors to detect energy patterns, a chip to analyze the data and a series of crystals to direct a beam of energy. The beam of energy goes up and down along the meridians of your body to open them up. The only downside of this approach is that it is *VERY* hungry on energy. When the full generator is dedicated to that single machine, its effect is very potent. The power output of that generator is twice the consumption of this planet. Then it has 12 mini-robots that auto-repair the ship. Each of them contain a full schema of the ship and can print any energetic or physical material to restore the patterns. It also has Artificial Intelligence security control and very advanced and strict security protocols. Overall… the way it works is very simple and effective. The Orion ship is a lot fancier and more complex in its design.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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