I haven’t yet spoken much about what happened at the live event in Mexico. Here is what happened from the perspective of a participant (who is a great Tantra teacher).

“Overall… I came there badly in need of a spiritual reboot. I had been in such overwhelm, stress, and survival lately. I had become too focused on business and money lately in a secular kind of way and lost my regular connection with my deeper, higher self, my divine support on the other side and joyful and deliberately creating my life from higher consciousness. From that perspective, mission accomplished! I’ve been re-inspired to spend time again in meditation every day to use my tools and attune to the divine current and I’ve renewed my commitment to do that. That’s what was of most bottom-line importance for me. The kundalini activation I had following our “sacred geometry installation initiation” was an added welcomed bonus and helped me to feel myself for who I really am again – an ecstatic being! What joy and relief! I had almost forgot.

Then there was a bunch of stuff I got that was fun, enriching, inspiring and expanding!

I learned from every person there. Everyone was a teacher. From Etienne, I learned about my need for body acceptance, strengthening my connection with my spiritual feminine, and not taking anything personally. I also was inspired from his example how powerful a pretty unstructured process-oriented (versus content-oriented) group retreat can be and saw the value there would be in me doing some small group work in a similar way with my clients/participants. From Anthony, I learned about the importance of being willing to fully let go of my old stories, to choose to dis-identify with them, and how to go about completing karma with someone. From Bertrand I learned about playing in “spiritual kindergarten” and saw how one can be an extraordinarily powerful being while not seeming that way at all according to their personality structure. From Alex I learned to increase my trust of existence supporting me and the power and necessity of loving, healing touch. From you I learned how to further embrace myself as the conscious creator of my reality, about letting go of my victim story about men and how to co-create a more desired reality, about secrets of prosperity and abundance, the power of asking good questions, and received an expanded understanding of leadership within a group dynamic (see what a natural teacher you are, Jon!)

I also took away the crucial importance of being able to function well in the practicalities of day-to-day life and relationship – the actual realization of our divine magnificence “out on the court” of life. I have an intensified desire to further master my skills in money management, self-care, leadership, cultivating good relationships with others, and communication.

I found the channeled messages from the Planetary Counsel of Light and the Avians to be startlingly punch-in-the-gut accurate and helpful. I wish there had been more of that.

The meditations were useful and interesting – the ones for clearing, and getting in touch with my powers and memories. I’ll keep revisiting those in meditation. I appreciated being introduced to the approaches of spiritual alchemy. I just purchased and downloaded Jacques’ The Path to the 5th Dimension. Thank you for that reference! Great stuff for me there.

There were many things regarding Etienne’s and Bertrand’s energetic/spiritual architecture/engineering and spoken about by Etienne that were utterly new to me and expanded my awareness in welcomed ways. I endlessly enjoyed being amused by the more bizarre elements in the content and experiences – our “spiritual improv” as it were. I wasn’t disturbed by whether to “believe” in this or that because I trust my own experiences going forward to let me know what’s important and relevant to my life and my own spiritual growth/evolution. I tell you, it was fricking FUN going along on Etienne’s cosmic ride! I’m thankful to know him and thankful for him being who he is.

I was super impressed by Etienne’s cataloging of music videos according to the different energy parameters and I see ENORMOUS POTENTIAL for those as tools to help men and women heal their relationships with themselves and one another and become more powerful, embodied, and integrated in their masculine and feminine energies. Holy Moly. I would love to collaborate with Etienne on that.

I hold for myself going forward that, as a result of the retreat, I am expanding in my spiritual powers of deliberate creation, inspirational leadership, transformational work with those I’m meant to work with, and ability to channel higher truths, especially in the areas where I want to make an impact in the world – sexuality, male-female relationship, love, intimacy – and have and enjoy more confidence with all of that. And I have a deep wish that the energetic work I did, and that we all did together, in the retreat benefits our collective evolution as a humanity on this planet in some way.

And then, in the end, I just really loved our hang-out time together, on our breaks and sharing meals. I felt joy in just being together, no need to explain who we are, fully delighting in each other’s super quirky uniqueness and brilliance.

PHENOMENAL for only two days together! Can you BELIEVE it?!

Here’s to spinning three times to the right. Uno. Dos. Tres!

Much Love, Jan”

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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