I didn’t think I would be writing this but I have to. Witches worldwide cast a spell on Donald Trump and invited the public to join them. Even Fox News promoted it. I’ll start with the good news. In response to this, Trump has turned to God and the Bible. His vibration went up from 34 to 102. Alex Jones, as hardcore as he seems, had a vibration of 804, and it went up to 902. Then, this officially marks the end of the Age of Non-Magic, and both white and black magic are going to become about 4 times more powerful from now on, with a great weakening of the veil. For me and other Alchemists, this is great news and will make everything easier.

Now for the bad news. Look at what’s happening now. People are chanting Satan and Lucifer in the street, and saying absolutely horrid things (like killing their kids) with a big smile.

Black magic always returns on the caster. What was performed wasn’t just black magic, but blood magic (binding rituals), and blood magic cannot be reversed. Nothing good ever came out of blood magic. For the most part, people have been casting two curses. One is a binding ritual, with a slight side-effect that the caster is now bound to Lucifer and lose all control of themselves. The other is a hex ritual to kill Trump, with a slight side-effect that the casters sell their soul to Lucifer and die within 6 to 8 months afterwards.

I recommend watching the TV series Legend of the Eight Immortals on Toggle.sg (you need to use a VPN to appear to be in Singapore to watch it, then you can enable English subtitles. Hola VPN in Firefox appears to work.) In that story, a blood magic binding was done on me (Lu Dongbin), most of the story was about that, and it had never been fully resolved up until recently. Such rituals cannot be undone. The binding rituals that were just done, however, were very basic and bound only to the physical body, not the soul, which means the binding won’t follow these souls after death into the next incarnation.

If you played Dragon Age: Inquisition, there was also this part where the Wardens used a binding ritual to bind demons to their will to build an army. As a “slight side-effect”, they bound themselves as puppets to the devil. What’s happening here is very similar.

I also had a friend in Spain, who was known as the best pick-up artist in Spain. He read all the Bibles of the various religions. He used a Kabbalistic ritual to kill a corrupt official in Spain. It worked; but 6 months afterwards, he went crazy, ended up in a psychiatric hospital, and committed suicide with prescribed drugs overdose. After doing some research, such rituals generally end up in that way.

Now I’m told… 3 million people performed the killing ritual, and about 150 000 performed the binding ritual. I predict all 3 million will die within 6 to 8 months except those who are bound, and the demons are going to grow stronger and stronger during that period while they drain their soul.

The demon that is emerging isn’t exactly Lucifer. We killed Lucifer. It’s Lucifer’s step-brother, and he’s not happy we killed his step-brother. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll just call him Lucifer. You can’t confront a demon who is having such a feast. Furthermore, now that he’s bound to 150 000 walking humans, he can’t be killed, and he’s walking among us across the planet. ** Exorcism will not work on them **

This is creating a metaphysical context where anything can happen from now on.

What can you do about it? Focus on healing yourself and expanding your presence of love. Be highly aware of the threats that are around you, and protect yourself accordingly. I will come out with more tools you can use to protect and heal yourself. Be careful to not fall into fear-driven, control-driven or security-driven thoughts. Some people were telling me this wasn’t black magic because they were preventing Trump from doing harm. That’s exactly the kind of security-driven thought patterns you have to avoid. You also have to avoid falling into a response to these events, especially if you get desperate.

Finally, I want to bring a different perspective on this. The financial veil between the old matrix and the divine matrix was nearly impossible to pierce. One client was completely stuck facing that veil and couldn’t find a way to move forward. I have been sending an extremely intense beam of energy to open up the path, and it was an absolutely impossible deadlock so I intensified the efforts. Now looking at the financial veil. Trump is saving the US economy. By doing so, he’s also strengthening the old matrix and preventing a shift into the divine financial matrix. In such a deadlock situation, what’s unfolding appears to be the “best path” to get past the deadlock. So be it.

You might want to get some crystals activated for healing and protection. By tuning your crystals into very high frequencies, they will cause you to fall into greater alignment with God, and the attacks will go on the crystals instead of directly affecting you, so they form some kind of shield around you. I recently changed the pricing model. Instead of the first for $100, second for $75, third for $50 and fourth for $25, it is now 4 for $197. It works better when using 4 or more crystals, and this will make it more affordable for you. Perhaps it’s time to beef up your toolbox.

If you want a Bible, according to the Book Accuracy List, King James version has a vibration of 4418 on the Old Testament and 1018 on the New Testament, while the George M. Lamsa version has a vibration of 9615 on the Old Testament and 2083 on the New Testament. Then, my book The History of the Universe has an extremely high frequency of 94,859,236 with a strong protection energy grid surrounding it. You can use it to bounce off any demons.

P.S. I’m going to have some other major announcement later today

P.P.S. You may want to take part in this meditation — this will be the most important meditation for the liberation of the planet. It is happening ** right now **

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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