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It has been exactly a year since the last release (February 26th), and today’s solar eclipse is the perfect time to release Version 1.4! This is a MAJOR release with every aspect greatly enhanced. It is now a series of applications to manage audio and video files.

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The Natural Grounding Player now gives more flexibility as to which videos to play and has a great UI overhaul.

The Yin Media Encoder is now an independent application and no longer requires working with files in a single folder. This will make it much easier for video enthusiasts to upscale their SD videos into HD. It now does the processing in 16-bit and has many more options.

The 432hz Player allows playing audio playlists with live auto-pitch from 440hz to 432hz to make it more harmonious with the heart. At first you don’t notice too much different UNTIL you switch back to 440hz, and THEN you can’t go back from 432hz. There is no other option on Windows to auto-pitch to 432hz with this quality and precision. Changing the play speed by -1.82% doesn’t count as ‘precise’.

The Powerliminals Player allows playing 10, 20 or even 30 audios simultaneously at various speeds. [Perfect for playing Powerliminals!](https://www.spiritualselftransformation.com/powerliminals)

The Audio Video Muxer allows changing file containers, merging audio/video streams from separate files, and joining multiple video files of same format **without re-encoding. All operations are lossless.**

Warning: This version will replace your database. To preserve your custom videos, mark them as “Personal” in the playlist and export them to a file. You’ll be able to re-import them after installing the new version.

To preserve your existing video files, before upgrading, use “Playlists | Moves Files” to move all files to their default locations. This will make it easier for the new version to auto-detect all your existing videos. Then, after upgrading, go in Edit Playlist, select Other Files, and for each file, right-click and “Select Existing Entry” to bind all existing files into the database.

After upgrade, you can delete the folder “My Documents\Natural Grounding Player” as it has now been moved to “Program Data\Natural Grounding Player”.

>> Download Here

View the project on GitHub here.

If you’re using Mac or Linux, you should be able to use it with a Windows emulator.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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