There are lots of things shifting. We had a lunar eclipse that was particularly brutal. Sunday my laptop blew up (probably the power supply or battery) and energies were super super dense, yesterday was super light and flowing. Things alternate between super super heavy and light & flowing.

I’m also going through major shifts, closing a major chapter and waiting for what’s next. I’ve withdrawn my astral position and energetic presence, so 15000 other energy workers are instead taking that weight on their shoulders. 5% of energy workers will work on building things forward, while 95% will go through a karmic cycle to learn to deal with things and address reality without fear.

I’m also getting to a place where I’m fed up of spiritual people. I’ve had my dose of dysfunctional behaviors, people wanting attention instead of help, people with completely screwed up thinking around money and power, people doing nothing with their gifts, and people not dealing with reality.

Up until now, my path was 75% White Light and 25% Red Light. It seems my path is shifting towards 65% Red Light and 35% White Light, to compensate for a world that is tilting too much on the White Light side.

Which makes this a perfect time to write on this topic that is way overdue: White Light vs Red Light.

Most spiritual people are focused on the White Light, which is your connection from your crown into Oneness. Most entrepreneurs are focused on the Red Light, which is your connection from your root into Creation.

It is the same topic of active vs passive spirituality that I wrote about for many years, but with an extra level of depth that changes everything. Just like the God Connection has changed everything in regards to alignment with God.

The majority of masters are oriented either towards the White Light, or towards the Red Light. Very rarely both. Those oriented towards the Red Light of Creation have been struggling a lot lately, because they’re out of alignment with the White Light that the world is shifting towards.

White Light represents Oneness in its pure form, and Communism in its shadow form.

Red Light represents Divine Creation in its pure form, and power abuse in its shadow form.

The energy of Venus is 95% Red Light, and the energy of Mars is 97% Red Light.

Spiritual people as a whole are 95% White Light and 5% Red Light. Daoist Masters are 98% White Light and 2% Red Light. Buddhist Masters are 99% White Light and 1% Red Light. The Naga guardians are 95% Red Light and 5% White Light.

Lucifer, the “Bearer of Red Light”, is 95% Red Light and 5% White Light. Diablo and Lilith were 100% Red Light.

Lately, the High Tribunals in the higher densities had to intervene to neutralize parties that were too far off on either side. Even at the Federation of Light, there were some problems because the Federation of Light is composed of 3 branches, and one branch is 95% White Light and was clashing hard with Red Light people in ways that were out of integrity. That department had to be arrested for now. Other individuals that were 95% Red Light also had to be arrested because of the chaos they were causing.

The Federation of Light, Orion Federation, and AnLePleia Alliance have been working hard to rebalance themselves between the Red Light and White Light. Right now, the Orion Federation is 50% White and 50% Red the AnLePleia Alliance is 65% White and 35% Red, and the Federation of Light is 62% White and 38% Red.

I think the ideal balance is within a 75/25 ratio on either side, with 50/50 being ideal.

The Great Consciousness Shift we’re going through is the end of a Red Light cycle as we enter a White Light cycle. The Universe works like a pendulum between the Red Light of Creation and the White Spiritual Light. When you swing too far on one side, the pendulum swings back to the other side to the same extent, until you find the center to stop repeating the cycles. Society also swings between White Light and Red Light in 40-year cycles, as explained in the book The Pendulum.

The Red Light represents free will, while the White Light represents divine will. Red Light represents duality, while White Light represents singularity.

Question: If everything comes from oneness, how could it create something impure out of something pure?

Answer: It didn’t. Oneness is only 50% of the picture. It’s not a “chicken or the egg” question, neither singularity nor duality came before the other, they both are the fundamental fabric of reality, have always been, and will always be.

In addition to this Red Light vs White Light distinction, one’s spiritual orientation can be further positioned between Yin (feminine) or Yang (masculine), and again, most focus either on one or the other, and rarely balance both. For example, the Goddess movement is often an “anti-Yang” movement.

Let’s look at some good public figures that are doing a good job teaching about conscious creation.

Bob Proctor is 50% White / 50% Red, 65% Yang / 35% Yin, 98% Light / 2% Dark.

David Neagle is 25% White / 75% Red, 85% Yang / 15% Yin, 94% Light / 6% Dark.

Kevin Trudeau is 74% White / 26% Red, 55% Yang / 45% Yin, 98% Light / 2% Dark. As I mentioned before, his energy got much stronger and cleaner while in prison, becoming a lot more white. Before going to jail, he was 24% White / 76% Red, 65% Yang / 35% Yin, 88% Light / 12% Dark.

Myself right now: 50% White / 50% Red, 55% Yang / 45% Yin, 94% Light / 6% Dark.

I’m going to add these readings to the Soul Alignment Readings: White/Red, Yang/Yin, Light/Dark. This gives a very good idea of the spiritual orientation of someone. You could draw a graph with White/Red on one axis and Yang/Yin on the other axis. Each person would appear at a specific position on the map, and people gather with people at a similar position as themselves.

As for myself taking 1-on-1 clients, this is also what I must look at. I can’t work with someone whose soul is more than 20% shadow, otherwise opening their memories only leads to problems (from experience). I also can’t work with someone who is more than 80/20 tilted on either the White or Red light, or on the Yin or Yang side. I really can’t work with someone who has a dysfunctional relationship with power and money. That base foundation needs to be there.

From now on, this bonus will be added to the Soul Alignment Reading.

I’m still considering how I’m going to move forward with 1-on-1 coaching. I may limit myself to 5 clients per year, and am considering the option of lowering the price back to what it was years ago at $1000 per month for the year, for a limited time. I would choose my clients carefully based on those readings above. This would give me a base stable income of $5k per month while keeping my energy free to focus on what matters the most.

I know a few of you have been considering this and waiting for the right time. Before diving into intensive 1-on-1, I would ask first to do the Soul Alignment Reading, and the God Connection to bring your connection up to at least 80%, and ideally doing some Crystal Attunements. These would provide good support before starting deeper work. I’ll post later about how things are shifting and realigning themselves.

Where do you stand on the spectrum, are you White or Red light, and do you practice Yin or Yang spirituality?

This, combined with the knowledge of the 12 Dimensions, are topics that I never heard any teacher or master talk about, ever. This is a paradigm shift. There will be more paradigm shifts to come.

Let me look at something. Earth, without further adjustments or timeline alterations, is heading towards:
– 2000: 95% Red / 5% White
– 2010: 96% Red / 4% White
– 2018: 98% Red / 2% White
– 2021: 45% Red / 55% White
– 2030: 48% Red / 52% White
– 2040: 45% Red / 55% White
– 2050: 43% Red / 57% White
– 2060: 41% Red / 59% White
– 2080: 35% Red / 65% White
– 2100: 25% Red / 75% White
– 2200: 22% Red / 68% White
– 2300: 21% Red / 69% White
– Next greater cycle of about 32000 years: 98% Red / 2% White

The pendulum is setting itself to swing back to the Red in the next greater cycle pretty strongly.

Right now we must build a solid foundation that will prevent a landslide towards the White Light. If we don’t, we may lose Earth in the next greater cycle because of the pendulum effect.

Accuracy check: 99.97% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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