After defeating Thoth, my main focus has been on clearing my shadow and Sophia’s shadow. This accelerated the collapse of timelines. Let’s look at where we are at with everything, as of April 4th 2022.

Energetic state of cities

Vibration of… (above ground / below ground)
Playa del Carmen: 515 / 200
Cancun: -14 million / -1.6 billion
Miami: 2 / -6 billion
Los Angeles: -15 billion / -316 billion
Ottawa: -6 billion / -14 million
Montreal: 15 / -200 (WOW! That’s the most impressive reading so far!)
Sherbrooke: 12 / -218
London: -6 trillion / -516 billion
Barcelona: -13 trillion / -16 trillion
Moscow: 14 / -216
Beijin: -416 quadrillion / -6 quintillion
Taiwan: -8 / -14 million
Bangkok: -14 billion / -16 billion
Chiang Mai: 15 / -213
Sydney: -8 trillion / -16 trillion
Moon: -14 billion / -18 billion
Mars: -6 quadrillion / -13 quadrillion

Next issue.

Can you date vaccinated person?

Threat level of having sex with a vaccinated person? 55% to 95% threat level, depending where and depending for who. Anything I measure above 15% threat level needs to be taken very seriously, and I very rarely measure threat levels above 50%. I posted that on Facebook, and everybody agreed, with many sharing bad experiences that they still hadn’t fully recovered from.

The energetic infections are extremely hard to remove, and we’ve been battling this 24/7 for 2 years now. You won’t solve this overnight. This does make dating a lot more difficult… the compromise isn’t worth it.

State of Lightworkers community

The reason very few Lightworkers listen to what I share is because they do not know how to integrate both the White Light of Oneness and the Red Light of Creation; it’s one or the other for the great majority. What role will the 90%+ White Light people play during ascension? Let’s look at some stats.

While only 0.3% of Lightworkers can integrate the balanced White/Red energies, those with 90%+ White Light bias represent 96.8% of Lightworkers. 24.9% of them took the vaccine. As of now, 75.3% have over 50% corruption, and 14.8% have less than 25% corruption. There’s about 20% of them that can be useful, but their role and path remains unclear. It will be a temporary help and turbulent ride. 23.8% will find their path within 3-5 years.

Let’s look at some stats regarding connection to Source. What’s interesting to note is that the energetic corruptions themselves carry a fairly high connection to Source; a perverted and twisted connection.

Connection to Source of the energetic corruption:
White Spiritual: 44.3%
White Emotional: 32.6%
White Physical: 14.8%
Red Physical: 12.5%
Red Emotional: 15.3%
Red Spiritual: 18.2%

Connection to Source of 90%+ White Lightworkers EXCLUDING ENERGETIC INFECTIONS
White Spiritual: 25.3%
White Emotional: 14.2%
White Physical: 4.2%
Red Physical: 1.5%
Red Emotional: 0.8%
Red Spiritual: 0.015%

Connection to Source of the 0.3% Lightworkers EXCLUDING ENERGETIC INFECTIONS
White Spiritual: 44.2%
White Emotional: 13.8%
White Physical: 12.5%
Red Physical: 10.8%
Red Emotional: 8.5%
Red Spiritual: 5.9%

I’m not seeing improvements for the spiritual community in the foreseable future. My focus is in helping the 0.3% who can integrate both the White Light of Oneness and the Red Light of Creation. Not necessarily integrating fully, but who can at least take some of both.

Energetic corruption of religious communities

I’ll measure: % with less than 50% corruption, % with less than 25% corruption. For each religion, I’m looking only at those applying the real teachings, which is generally a minority of them.

0.3% Lightworkers: 53.8% / 15.3%
White Lightworkers: 14.6% / 11.5% (they either have very high or very low corruption)
Christians: 58.6% / 54.3%
Mormons: 44.3% / 12.6% (it went downhill when they all took the jab…)
Scientology: 12.6% / 4.2% (that’s disappointing…)
Buddhist monks: 12.8% / 5.3% (uh…)
Hindus: 14.6% / 13.5%
Vedic praying Lord Shiva: 45.3% / 14.6%
Muslim: 2.6% / 1.4%
Daoist: 2.6% / 1.2%

Ok that gives a good enough idea.

That’s about it for the bad news! We got a lot to celebrate, and a lot of work to do.

Accuracy check on this whole report: 98.9%, distortion 0.1%, cross-distortion 0.015%. Actually I’m getting a fluctuating 96-99% accuracy depending on timelines, as we are not all in the same reality. (as always, measure it yourself!)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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