Since I haven’t given any updates for a while, I wanted to give some updates as to what’s been going on. The last article was about the Red Light of Creation vs White Spiritual Light, which was a major breakthrough. Since then, I’ve been under heavy attacks from various angles. That’s why I haven’t been responding to emails nor following up with Soul Alignment Readings.

There are about 45 groups fighting for power around the world. The arena more looks like a slaughterhouse… with no clear winner.

The attacks have been going on ever since I moved back to Mexico in March and even before. When I rented this house, another family had already moved in; but a Satanic witch and other sorcerers working for her teleported them into a garbage bin in another country and made the house available for me, because they wanted me here. One woman in red high heels working for Diablo who had thousands of people working for her around the world for control. They often abduct children to turn them into assassins. She moved right around my house in the next privada. Another tall and thin black man working for her moved right behind my house, and a fat Mexican man working for him moved across my house in the hidden corner. Their job: making sure I can’t work. There are a couple more sorcerers in the area. I disintegrated Diablo 100%, and while being at it, also Lillith, and disintegrated some of those around here.

Then I’ve been drawing a lot of attention from the drug cartels, so I eventually got tired and disintegrated the souls of thousands of them holding the corruption network in place. And things calmed down… almost.

Then, 3 non-humans with 1 human moved into a house a few doors from me, under order of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), with an attack from multiple angles. They killed the 3 witches and sorcerers mentioned above.

Their job was to destabilize me energetically while they send other people to attack me physically. The ICC used blood magic to merge my soul with the collective ICC consciousness, which represents 45% of their overall collective consciousness as a fused soul! That was allowed to happen for karmic reasons. That gave us access to all of their remaining locations, only 3 ships in this solar system, about 16 outside the solar system, and several hidden bases spread out throughout the solar system and on Earth. They’ve all been neutralized.

Meanwhile, they also hacked my computer with an energetic virus very deeply implanted into the processor or memory that gave them access to my computer. That was something very deep and powerful. My theory is that they used this energetic virus to alter the content of the RAM to inject code into the computer to run anything they want. Until the computer broke down and stopped booting. It still isn’t repaired.

Meanwhile, I can’t use my rings and stones while this karmic process unfolds. My karmic path is to descend into darkness to transmute it from the core. Now I’m just barely restarting to use some of my rings.

I was seeking where those attacks were coming from. Something deeper and older than the Naga Supremacists… some Black Serpents built and use Black Cubes to mind control star systems. They’re kind of like an antithesis of the Giza Complex. The Black Serpents seeded life in this universe, but their immortality caused them to fall into a spiritual ego trap of needing to maintain their position as the most powerful being in the cosmos. They never fully returned to the Light so they get mentally trapped in the need for power over others. If any life evolves to the point where the children might surpass the parent, they send out these black cubes to siphon the children’s souls.

Those Black Serpents were hidden in a maze to escape people like me. This maze actually looks exactly like the Atlas of Worlds in the game Path of Exile… and indeed this game opens all kinds of energetic doors. We dismantled the maze and took care of the Serpents.

Now this “virus”, after working intensively on it, it only became stronger and deeper. A Shapeshifter. It looks exactly like The Shaper in Path of Exile. They say that the Shaper is the creator of the Atlas.

This thing is very ancient and worse than Atman (see The History of the Universe). I decided to repeat the same process that I did to permanently finish Atman, who was in fact a fragment of my own soul, and my soul fragment had been created to go after him.

I merged my soul with the Shaper, and immediately surrendered my entire soul to the highest Tribunal of the Multiverse, to go through disintegration. My whole soul is immense — spread throughout millions of incarnations of the Multiverse — and this Shaper is 35x larger than my own soul!!

So there I went into the furnace, again, to disintegrate into basic vapors. He managed to corrupt energies before going into the furnace, so one of the guardians of the Tribunal decided to join into the furnace carrying all corruption with him, and the entire furnace was placed into an even larger furnace. We can’t afford to botch this job.

After the Shaper was fully dissolved into vapors, the first vapors finally came out of the furnace a few days ago into a last tank. Then, my job was to create a Golden Embryo… which really isn’t easy at all!! How do you create gold out of trash? Many parts will keep dissolving and distilling in the furnace for months, and it looks like I’ll stay in there for the next 2-3 months before coming out. This furnace will be my shield for what’s coming. We’re also pulling in all attacks, black magic and evil eyes into the furnace. Both me and the other Guardian are working together to pull this gigantic mass of vapors back into a cohesive soul, essentially merging together.

Now, from this furnace, there are things I can do, and things I can’t do. I can’t directly interact with outside energies, but there are ways around that. Since I’ll be there for months, I’ll have to see how to adapt to the new reality to be able to get back to work.

There’s a pile of Soul Alignment Reading orders waiting for me. It will get done when I’m ready for it. Attacks come in waves. Today, I’ve been doing great energy expansions. We’ll get another wave of attacks tomorrow, so I wanted to get this out first.

Just like when Su Wukong went into the furnace — I’ll just come out stronger.

Oh the plus side, I haven’t received a single electric bill since March… apparently someone has been paying them for me.

Accuracy check: 98.8% or 99.7% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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