I still haven’t gone back to any of my work, but things are progressing. The attacks come from the “Agency”, but at the head, it’s coming from… the Logos!?? The Logos are some of the Multiverse Keepers. 35% of Logos are at the head of the Agency. Would it be fair to rename the Agency into the Logos Agency?

All Logos of the Multiverse have just been arrested and brought to justice for fail trial.

Also, the people attacking me were feeding from rays of light coming from other Multiverse keepers. However, those Keepers aren’t bad. They feed from their energy and then distort and corrupt it… in the same way that the Cabal would feed from Shiva at CERN. Something I’m familiar with. It’s up to them to clean up their plate.

The Logos were 97% behind the attacks. They seized control of all that was left by the Draco and other negative groups… to the point where almost everything in the Universe is either in control of the Light Forces or in their control.

They had 10.2% control of this Universe, compared to 88.2% by the Light forces, leaving only 1.6% in neither of those 2 groups. They had 92.4% control of the Draco belt, 95.8% control of Sirius A, 8.2% control of the AnPleiLe Federation, 0.6% control of the Orion Federation, 50.2% control of what’s left of the Galactic Federation, 8.2% control of the Pleiades, and 12.6% control of their High Counsel, 92.4% control of our moon, 95.8% control of Mars, 12.5% control of Venus, 8.9% control of the SSP only(?), 25.9% control of Earth, 25.2% control of Mexico, 14.8% control of the USA, 18.9% control of Canada, 80.5% control of Australia, 92.6% control of Africa, 15.3% control of China. 72.8% control of chemtrails.

They have about 13500 agents on the ground on Earth. 450 seniors of 513th density. About 3000 conscious agents, and about 10000 unconscious agents with 10D mind-control chips placed on the back of their necks.

In my immediate surrounding, there are 2 senior agents and 6 conscious agents. The singer INNA has 1 senior and 5 agents around her, which explains why her energy is so corrupted and going up-and-down lately. Most of the high-profile Lightworkers are being targeted and closely followed by this group. They are particularly aggressive in their physical operations on the ground.

2 days later, they now have 0.25% control of the Universe, compared to 93.5% by the Light forces. They have 12.6% control of the Draco belt, 14.5% control of Sirius A, 1.3% control of the AnPleiLe Federation, 0.03% control of the Orion Federation, 14.6% control of what’s left of the Galactic Federation, 3.5% control of the Pleiades, and 8.2% control of their High Counsel, 14.6% control of our moon, 4.2% control of Mars, 3.1% control of Venus, 1.5% control of the SSP, 13.5% control of Earth, 8.2% control of Mexico, 7.4% control of the USA, 3.2% control of Canada, 30.4% control of Australia (WENT UP), 30.6% control of Africa, 8.4% control of China. 55.4% control of chemtrails.

Now, a process of re-election of Multiverse Keepers has been initiated and will last about 3 months. Concluding on… wait a minute… January 21st 2021 on Earth’s time!

I knew January 21st would be a huge shift, but I didn’t know what it would be. Now it’s making sense.

It’s incredible how much what is happening here is affecting the entire Multiverse.

I’m expecting half of the current Keepers to be replaced, and all Logos to be removed except 2 or 3. There will thus be a lot of new appointees, 32% of which will be from this Universe. After all, many of the strongest souls came into this Universe to deal with the current events. It makes sense to reward those who answered the call and took the challenge and mission.

I also get the feeling that I’ll have a promotion. In fact, I started working more closely with other Multiverse Keepers since last night.

As a final note, most of the Multiverse Keepers are perfectly balanced between White Light and Red Light 50/50, except the Logos that are tilted 92% towards White Light.

On that, everything is unfolding at God’s pace. I’m still sorry to not have moved forward with orders and Soul Alignment Readings… it’s a very unusual situation I’m dealing with. I have 250+ accumulated unread emails in my inbox. I’ll get back to all that soon, hopefully!

Until then, I’m pretty busy with other things.

October and November will be very difficult months globally, but January will be very interesting! From there, I expect the virus to dwindle down in 6 months and disappear. For now, the virus has new Mandates from Heaven, 7 in total, that I haven’t yet looked at.

Accuracy check: 98.6% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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