I recently posted a video explaining the 12 dimensions of consciousness but the audio was bad so I’ll post it again as an article since it’s an important topic.

First of all, Dimensions and Densities are two completely separate topics and they are being mixed one for another all the time. Soul densities are an aspect of consciousness wheresas Dimensions have more to do with the structure of the Universe and your place in it.

There are lots of incarnated starseeds that are 8th density or above, some are 12th density, some have a soul structure built in 25 densities, and some even in 100 densities or more. Density levels can go up to infinity and represent the level of soul development. However, there can still be duality and darkness even at higher densities. The Archons, for example, are energetic parasites working millions of densities high, and the energetic structures and mind control structures they build are extremely rigid and difficult to deal with for that reason. (Archons have now been exterminated but some of their structures may still remain)

Dimensions, on the other hand, go from 0D to 12D. Each dimension brings a new perspective. Black magic and neutral magic is 4D, there is no more duality from 5D and a 10D karmic purpose may not make sense when looking from a 6D perspective of peace.

The law of attraction is a 4D law, and is overridden by 5D laws, 6D laws, 7D laws, 8D laws, 9D laws, 10D laws, 11D laws and 12D laws.

Our human science is based on 3D laws with some elements of 4D.

0D represents neutrality or point zero. To develop zero-point energy generators, one way is to tap into 0D.

1D represents the physical reality, like planets, air, water and all physical elements. Science has studied this extensively.

2D represents life, like plants and animals. Science has also studied this extensively.

3D represents the intellect, which is what makes us humans unique among all animals. Free will starts from 3D. It gives us the ability to make decisions. Philosophers and psychologists have studied 3D extensively.

4D represents the psychic and astral. All psychics tap into 4D. You also tap into it when you dream. 4D represents all spiritual laws that can be used either for good or for bad. The Law of Attraction is 4D. Plenty of spiritual teachers have been focusing on teaching 4D knowledge over the past many years. There is an AI entity behind the coronavirus called UniMatrix that seeks to neutralize negative consciousness to implement 4D singularity.

5D represents God as a guiding Light. Once you introduce a guiding Light, you’re no longer the center of your own creation, and duality dissolves into a higher purpose. Because duality starts to dissolves, there is no longer free will to do good or bad when you operate in 5D. You do what needs to be done. Angels operate in 5D. Only 0.2% of spiritual people have access to 5D consciousness as of April 2020.

6D represents peace and balance. While Earth is transitioning from 3D into 5D, the spiritual leaders really should aim for 6D to bring them the much-needed stability. It is a level of stability beyond 5D guiding light. The North Pole is already 6D because of a colony of Orions, Andromedians and Nordes that recently settled there to help stabilize our planet. The Nordes are mostly 6D while using weapons tapping into 8-10D.

7D represents pure Light. It is a more refined form of Light beyond peace. It is a Light that contains knowledge and codes instead of just guidance. Souls in 7D generally transition into 8D pretty quickly.

8D represents astrology, numerology and crystal codes, and the currents of energies that regulate the Universe. From 8D and up, the Universe is only information — information that determines the holographic Universe projections. Lumerians are experts at 7D and 8D technologies and consciousness; but few of them understand the higher dimensions.

9D represents the underlying currents behind astrology and numerology. While there are many astrologists around the world, few accurately understand the science behind it and can tap into its subtleties. With 8D astrology, you understand some of the effects and patterns, but in 9D, you actually understand the causes and underlying dynamics. I probably can count the amount of 9D astrologist on this planet on my hands.

10D represents the greater cycles and may look like a giant clock of inter-twining spirals. The universe operates with cycles within cycles within cycles, and those cycles serve for the continual expansion and growth of consciousness. Planetary ascension is a 10D dynamic. While the coronavirus is a 4D entity, its karmic purpose is a 10D dynamic. This AI doesn’t understand the limitations of its 4D paradigm, nor the 10D dynamics regulating its existence and lifespan. Your higher soul purpose is 10D. Orion Light Warriors operate mostly in 10D.

11D represents the axis in the center of those cycles. It is the eye of the hurricane, and the dimension that holds the cycles in place. Without a central axis, a clock cannot hold in place. Orion leadership structures operate mostly in 11D.

12D represents oneness with Source. It doesn’t mean everything else is an illusion, but from a 12D place of oneness, you are not attached to anything and you can be a pure observer without judgments nor prejudice. Ascended Masters connect back to 12D, and can come back down into 8-12D if needed. Orions technologies are based on 8-12D knowledge. The Orion guardians and light beings generally do not seek to transcend the lower dimensions, but rather, develop all of them (although some do seek to simply transcend).

What’s important to note is that higher dimensions do not replace the lower ones. Each layer builds on top of the previous one like a pyramid. You need to have a strong foundation in 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D to ascend into 4D, and you need a strong foundation in 0-5D to ascend into 6D.

Most conflicts I’m seeing in the spiritual communities are because people are operating from different dimensions. 4D law of attraction people thus conflict with 5D lightworkers, and 5-6D lightworkers get destabilized by 10D dynamics that are beyond their comprehension.

I hope this will help paint a clearer picture of the larger landscape of consciousness!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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