Absolutely crazy things are happening. There’s too much wild stuff coming out in the news and on Facebook to list them. As of right now, here’s the vibration on the Hawkins Scale of…
Earth: -64 512
Federal Reserve: -42 million
GCHQ: -93 trillion
Canada: 98
USA: 43
England: -15 million
Australia: -42 trillion
Montreal: -14 615
New York: -92 493
Los Angeles: -16 325
Cancun: -23 495
France: 402
Poland: 492
Moscow: 592
China: 100
Hong Kong: -102
Thailand: 913
These readings can go up or down a few thousands points within mere seconds.


And please, verify these readings on your own using muscle testing. The system is going to melt-down in a BIG way.

I hope you have plenty of food and water supply, and ideally some gold.

If I ask Source what is the greater purpose of this melt-down, here’s what I hear: “The people need to learn the importance of spirituality, and spiritual people need to learn the importance of taking care of their physical reality. 99.3% need to learn that lesson… through fire”

This guy also explained the situation very well, and this is what brings the Wrath of God to unravel on such a scale.

By comparison, when Moses freed the slaves of Egypt and the plagues hit, Egypt had a vibration of -12 493. What we’re seeing now is on an entirely different scale.

All of my predictions so far, even the craziest ones, proved to be 100% accurate.

Some are asking me: what’s going to happen next?

Melt-down of the financial system is expected in 6 days: next Tuesday February 16th. This is going to be a lot worse than what people expect. All the signs are already there, and most are ignoring them.

Everything is perfect according to divine plans. We just need to stabilize the transition enough to prevent disastrous cataclysms. All angelic teams are on high alert.

How to prepare for it?

First, here’s a guide that will tell you exactly how to prepare food and water supply for such events.
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Second, if you want to go beyond survival, you need access to resources to implement solutions. Acquiring $1000 to $2000 of currency-grade gold in 1g, 2.5g or 5g formats will make things a lot easier without regards to the health of the currency.
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Third, while such a melt-down may appear negative to some, others are seeing themselves getting stronger and stronger with the tsunamis of light energies. Some are seeing great opportunities opening up in their lives like never before. What’s causing these changes is the Juggernaut, or the Train of Life. Here’s a word of advice. Ride and follow the train, but never get in its way (where Rion Kati adds “or do, if you want fast transformation”). This is beyond the Forces of Nature. These are the Forces of the Universe. Nothing can stop the process that is taking place.

It will take years to get back into some sort of stability.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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