Regarding the last email I sent out about organizing a group program, 11 people responded to that single email and are ready to pay $197 per month for the year for it, so it’s going to happen. Just got to figure out the details. I’ve already done this group program years ago so I know what worked well and what the pitfalls were, so I’ll be tweaking things based on experience. Although the content will be similar to before, the context is radically different, and it’s all about applying the knowledge. Knowing how to transmute energies is one thing. Applying it to shift the planet and transform your life on every level is a whole other ballgame. Contact me if you also want to be part of a group program to learn energy healing through Alchemy.

Then I’ve been following Alex Jones of Info Wars lately as he’s the only one covering events in real-time. Everybody else either has old news, surface news, or just plain lies. But damn, Alex Jones makes 50 *MILLION* dollars per year with Info Wars!?? Alex Jones and I have one thing in common, and it is the secret to our success. We do business but we’re not here to do business, we’re not here for money, we’re not here for fame or to take credit. We’re here to win a war, alongside many others who are willing to work overtime for it. Many are finally realizing there’s a war going on — and are getting hit like ducks in a storm.

In terms of winning that war, here is some specific and applicable intel regarding the positions of the Cabal’s remaining forces and their influences over various parts of the world. There are various corrupt groups out there, so when I say Cabal, I include all groups with a negative agenda of controlling the planet. Forward this list to whoever it may concern.

I will measure their level of Political Control, followed by their level of Metaphysical Control, over each territory. If they have political control but no metaphysical control, then they get overthrown pretty quick by the people. If someone has metaphysical control but no political control, then that’s a temporary situation; or these people aren’t doing their job. You can make these measurements using muscle testing or a pendulum using the methodology described here.

United States: 3.6% political control(!!), 25.2% metaphysical control. 10 years ago, 92.6% political control, 73.8% metaphysical control. (They lost power, they’re being prosecuted and they’re evacuating towards Asia)

China: 100% political control, 14.1% metaphysical control. (Don’t worry about it)

Russia: 0.4% political control, 3.2% metaphysical control.

Canada: 18.1% political control, 41.3% metaphysical control.

Quebec: 41.4% political control, 31.6% metaphysical control. (something important is going on in Quebec)

Mexico: 13.1% political control, 3.8% metaphysical control. (I might have something to do with it)

South America: 14.2% political control, 13.1% metaphysical control.

Columbia: 61.8% political control, 15.2% metaphysical control.

Africa (except North): 31.7% political control, 16.2% metaphysical control.

Arab Countries: 61.7% political control, 61.5% metaphysical control.

Japan: 13.1% political control, 61.8% metaphysical control.

Philippines: 61.8% political control, 41.8% metaphysical control.

Indonesia: 78.4% political control, 62.9% metaphysical control.

Thailand: 13.9% political control, 41.4% metaphysical control. (intense battles, the Thai military is in their way. I would *not* recommend the Thai military to restore a civil government until the threat is gone)

England: 41.8% political control, 12.6% metaphysical control.

France: 13.9% political control, 14.2% metaphysical control.

Germany: 14.2% political control, 13.8% metaphysical control.

Spain: 62.4% political control, 61.4% metaphysical control.

Sweden: 41.3% political control, 31.4% metaphysical control.

Ukraine: 78.9% political control, 75.8% metaphysical control.

Earth: 13.8% political control, 13.2% metaphysical control.

Moon: 14.2% political control, 61.4% metaphysical control. (requires strong energy healing)

Mars: 72.8% political control, 41.9% metaphysical control.

Venus: 13.9% political control, 49.2% metaphysical control.

Jupiter and beyond are controlled by other groups.

For the most part, they’re evacuating America towards Asia. I wouldn’t worry about China, but rather the focus should be in getting them out of other Asian countries (Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia).

Their plan is to destabilize Arab countries, destroy Europe through a massive flood of refugees, crash the US economy, and seize control of the world through China. Unfortunately that won’t work (too little metaphysical control of China, very weak power grab).

More details and specific intel in my next interview with James Rink on Super Soldier Talk. First interview can be seen here (over 4100 views). The Cabal got beaten up very badly since that interview.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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