A few years back, I had a group program called the Year of Enlightenment where I taught all the Alchemy knowledge to transmute energies and empower their lives. Not that many joined and most who stayed were Orion souls. As much as we did extremely powerful work, there was some hesitations and challenges as harnessing this energetic transmutation power got us all into an intense psychic battle that lasted for years. Few were willing to walk that path except the most powerful souls and guardians — who didn’t know who they were. We were all equipped to deal with the challenges and moved together as a group which made it easier for everyone.

Fast-forward a few years, and now the table is flipping. Those who have been in alignment and were struggling with opposing forces are now seeing the path open ahead of them, and those who were holding onto old paradigms are seeing the ground around them collapse into chaos exactly as I’ve been predicting. Now, the few who had been following me into harnessing their transmutation powers are very glad they followed through as they’re among the only people who know how to handle the energetic chaos that is unfolding right now. Everybody else is now starting to experience what we’ve been going through for years, except that all these people have no clue about how to handle that.

What I’m also seeing over and over again is starseeds who are stuck in a corner with very little resources to leverage, especially financially. Sure, they can always find a way to borrow the money to get help, but when it’s a collective energetic issue of this scale, in a context of planetary shifts and colliding paradigms, working with a coach for 3 months might not be enough to shift the finances when there are greater dynamics at play. In this context, stretching too much can create more stress than it solves. In today’s volatile context, I recommend to take a careful approach and make firm steps with proper support.

There are some people who are ready to invest $10k to build a greater vision that impacts the planet. There are some who are ready to invest $2k to get out of the rut they’re in and propel their lives forward with a stronger spiritual foundation. But what about the rest? What would be the best way to help the majority of starseeds who are greatly struggling with life yet who have an important role to play on this planet?

The answer might be obvious… what about doing a group program? Similar to what we did back then, and we’ll start from the basics with a fresh group. I don’t want to do a big marketing campaign around this… but if there’s enough interest as it is, I might just do it.

Reply if you’re interested in such a group program. I’m thinking of around $197 per month for 12 months. The benefits would be to learn to defend, protect and heal yourself and others, as well as connect with your soul power and purpose. Then it’s about applying this knowledge as you gradually walk your own path. It would provide you clarity and support in a context of global chaos, and place yourself in a position of leading the waves instead of being caught in the resulting chaos. If at least 15 people respond positively and are willing to make this low level of investment, then I’ll do it.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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