Over the past 10 years, I’ve assisted to the slow but certain death of Catholicism, to the death of the Pick-Up Artists religion, to the collapse of the Old World Order and to the global collapse of old paradigms that is happening right now. Next in line is the death of Spirituality.

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You first have to understand the context of what is currently happening. The vibration of the planet is rising and everything that is out of alignment with these higher vibrations is collapsing. God creates through chaos. Death is a necessary part of the life cycle. Death means renewal. Death of the ego, death of old paradigms and death of your self-identity are required to reach a higher level of consciousness and presence. There is nothing scary about death. The only thing that is scary is all the time it takes to get to it.

Now let’s talk about spirituality. The whole consciousness movement really has grown into a LOT of dysfunctions. What it has done is replacing one religion by another, and when you step back from it, it is not necessarily much better.

I just found this video that perfectly exposes some of the BS of the spirituality world in a very lighthearted and funny way.

There was an interesting discussion that emerged around this whole topic of transcendental spirituality vs sexual presence in our Sex Energy Transformational Entertainment Facebook group.

One guy said this which sums it up pretty well

“My personal belief is that all parts are leading to the same, so no matter if you use only stillness or only cultivation of sexual presence. Life itself will push you to the walls of your blocks, and over them. It may feel as anxiety or any other way. But there is no other way but growth. Life is all about thriving.”
– Ivica

With that said, let’s get into the dysfunctions of the consciousness movement. As the planetary transition moves forward, anything that is out of alignment with the growth of life will collapse into chaos. The spiritual movement is next in line.

First, as JP Sears points out very well, there is a lot of competition as to who is better and more conscious, and a lot of judgments towards those who don’t share the same beliefs and values.

Second, and this makes the first point worse, although most people base their self-identity on their issues, spiritual people tend to base their self-identity on their spiritual beliefs. Since their beliefs become their sole self-identity, they become even more attached and defensive to their beliefs, as anything that challenges these beliefs also threatens their self-identity. This gets exponentially worse for those who wrote books or have successful businesses.

Third, there are LOTS of inner conflicts of values within the whole consciousness movement which I talked about in the article The 5 Spiritual Walls. There are lots of dysfunctions around sexuality, money, integrity and taking responsibility among other things. Not because they lack integrity, but because they value certain things and avoid others. I had a highly spiritual friend who left owing me $3000 of services he failed to provide (he also owed to a bunch of other people). He easily could have paid it back with his time with other services, but he never found it relevant to make things right, as he’s all about positive thinking and the law of attraction, and leaving negative things behind. He had a very successful radio show on manifestation and the law of attraction with tons of spiritual friends. Last news I got: he died from cancer. Some learn in this lifetime; others in other lifetimes.

Fourth, there is a massive devaluation of the physical world coming perhaps from a belief that everything is stillness, or perhaps from seeking to avoid the pain of the physical world; or one disguised as the other.

Fifth, the whole “transcendental spirituality” philosophy is pain-driven and seek to escape the pain of what they created in their physical reality. Having sexual presence and a great sexual life while having an impact in the world requires embracing where your soul is actually leading you.

Sixth, there is a LOT of dysfunction around money. There is this whole idea of having a moneyless society which is entirely pain-driven. Money facilitates the exchange of value and is a necessity to produce the technologies we use in our daily lives such as computers, with components produced all over the world. Transcending money *may* be possible in theory but would require the majority living with a healthy and wealthy relationship to money, while today 99% live in a scarcity paradigm. And if the majority were living with a healthy relationship to money, then there would be no need to take money away. This idea is 100% pain-driven.

Seventh, and this is where I believe most healers are doing you a great disservice. There is this idea that your value is limited to the time you put onto something, with the $20-200 price per hour that most healers charge. You cannot break the chains of money slavery until you stop associating money and results with time. Wealth is about doing more with less. Focus on results, not on activity. The “pay per session” model is not conductive to in-depth transformation and I am committed to breaking that model.

Eight, a lot of people in the consciousness movement are doing a whole bunch of stuff without really committing to anything. Worse, by doing so, they often commit to beliefs and values that prevent them from reaching a deeper truth. I cannot work with people who are doing “a bunch of stuff”. Focus on progress, not on activity. You don’t need to do a hundred things. You only need to one thing right.

The spiritual paradigm started emerging about 15 years ago and was a necessary part of evolution. It has served its role well and is already obsolete. It already started collapsing, which we can see by videos such as JP Sears’ “How to be ultra-spiritual” which got 361538 views in the past 2 months. People are starting to wake up from this religion.

I used to consider myself spiritual as I work with extremely high levels of energies and consciousness. I don’t consider myself spiritual anymore. I want to be sure to disassociate myself from the spiritual movement, as what I do and teach is a completely different philosophy that is based on a different foundation. It mixes with spirituality like oil and water just like Christianity and Judaism mix like oil and water.

There would be no point in trying to explain what my paradigm is about as you cannot see or understand anything that is outside of the black box created by the foundation of your beliefs system, values and self-identity. It is something that has to be experienced to understand. If you felt compelled to read this, then most likely you are recognizing in this writing a life force energy, a creative force and a boldness that is missing from your life, or that you could use more of.

I have done the most extensive research in the world around value conflicts which you can find by searching “value conflict” in my blog. I never heard anyone talk about value conflicts before doing this research, although apparently NLP covers it but on a very superficial level. Now, several of my coaches are talking about value conflicts and you will hear more and more about this from various teachers as it is an extremely important topic for transformation.

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Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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