While recovering from the shock-wave caused by the last article The Death of Spirituality, I was watching a new video from Morning Musume when these lyrics caught my attention:
“Here we go!
Even if it goes up in flames, I won’t be afraid
If everything you said isn’t a lie then that’s fine
Because you are the one who created it”

I know lots of people got sick this week, including me. Furthermore, I’m considering cancelling my upcoming trip to Los Angeles in January. What I’m feeling is that the energetic social fabric, at least in the Los Angeles area, is about to implode. Me going there now would be too much. What just happened this week coincides with the winter equinox and with the holidays where the vibration of the planet is higher which allows greater transformations to unfold.

While recovering, although it may seem off-topic, I’ve been playing around doing things that most consider impossible. Common logic, as well as smart logic, dictate that you cannot improve the quality of a video beyond the source material. Well… I broke that rule. I’ve been re-processing videos to get MUCH better quality. I was getting great results to upscale old Thai Video CDs, but then stumbled onto this video which was a very difficult case.

I downloaded this video

Processed it and re-uploaded it in higher quality

I did the same with Terry Tate Office Linebacker: original in 240p 18fps and upscaled version in 720p 30fps.

This should be impossible. You might be wondering how the heck I did that. I can’t take all the credits for it. This article explains how to perform one operation: increasing the frame rate. It’s very complex and requires lots of steps. Doing all the extra processing in the right way adds a lot more complications. It’s a combination of the efforts of a handful of programmer cracks that designed a bunch of open-source software that are working together. This kind of video optimization has been possible only by a handful of computer cracks. Up until now.

It ended up being even more complex than I thought so I decided to automate the process with a software. The Natural Grounding Player v1.1 will allow you to upgrade the quality of your videos with just a few clicks:

Since the way we do one thing is the way we do everything, this is exactly what I’m doing with the energy work. I’m taking complex concepts that would normally take lifetimes to master, and simplify them enough for anyone to use.

I’ve broken laws almost everybody take for granted, and achieved things nobody think is possible (expect a few cracks/masters). The Alizée video really was difficult case with a video in VERY bad shape. I like challenges: the output looks good. Now imagine what I do when I start working on your subconscious mind. It’s all about Alchemy: transmuting something of a lower nature into something of a higher nature.

I’m starting to get the testimonials from the Year of Enlightenment coming in (I’m a bit late in promoting this with everything going on energetically which has to be taken care of first). Letitia, from Sweden, took the time to explain really well what she has gone through throughout the year. The people in this group really went through a MASSIVE transformation. As she said, it’s not always easy, but it definitely is worth it.

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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