It’s rare I’ll interrupt a Natural Grounding healing session to write but I’m being asked to write about what’s currently going on. This is a message from Izael, right-wing commander of Metatron.

This is Izael. We ended up in a weird place where it is mostly the spiritualists who are holding back the transition of consciousness they have been waiting for. We got to a place where the more the planetary energies shift, the more people desperately hold onto their beliefs and the more spiritualists seek to escape reality. This needs to end now.

Why does it need to end now? At first the idea was to let the population go through their own growth and healing process to learn the lessons they need to learn to create a better world. However, we got to a place where the great majority of the population is preventing the few individuals who are embodying higher energies from growing and evolving themselves. The clash between the powerful new energies bombarding our planet and the old paradigms that the great majority are desperately holding onto are so violent that entire villages are being destroyed by fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters. We want to respect the free will of the people, yet at this point we must chose between giving free will to those who want to embrace a new reality or to those who want to hold onto old paradigms. The tensions and friction is so high that much bigger disasters can hit at any time if we don’t make that collective decision now.

The team of energy workers has drastically grown with the new alliance with the Andromedors living around Saturn and throughout 500 galaxies. They have around 2.8 trillion incarnated people and a total of 1025 trillion souls, and out of that, 87 million have volunteered to join the forces of Orion. These are all beings between 6th and 12th density which will be a huge contribution with their advanced healing abilities. They are currently being trained by Jacques Tombazian, Etienne’s Alchemy teacher who died last November. His death serves a purpose and he’s exactly where he needs to be.

Right now, the collective work is focused on three main aspects.

First, pride. This affects 99.99946% of the population. As in, Etienne must be wrong and telling lies so that they can feel themselves as Gods. Pride means that absolute denial that there is more is required to protect the self-identity and false ego. Everybody will feel this shift of Absolute intensity.

Second, escapism. This affects 99.2% of spiritualists in California, 88.1% in the USA and 75.6% worldwide. There is this idea that the physical reality is an illusion and thus they shouldn’t take responsibility to create their lives and create a better collective reality. There is currently nobody taking responsibility to create a better collective reality that can replace the corrupt government and thus many of people must be kept in power and guided towards a better path. That’s the only option at this point to avoid a collapse of society. As for those who seek to escape reality into an avoidance bliss, the entire energy of escapism is currently being transmuted. There are millions of powerful spiritual beings waiting for them at the aggregate of spiritual avoidance to bring them down on Earth. There is no escape. Only by reconnecting with reality will it become possible for the Earth to integrate new energies.

Third, spiritual entanglement. This is a spiritual path where one will trade his soul with a greater entity in exchange for its powers. This is a fast path of growth that brings quick results, and thus, 82.3% of healers in California have given their soul away, and 17.6% of healers worldwide, in exchange for greater spiritual power. The most common has been giving their power away to Jesus instead of embracing their own, but that only represents 14.2% of all cases. 85.8% are with all kinds of other entities, many looking very positive and many pretending to be source consciousness itself, and in all cases leaps and bounds ahead of their own evolution level. These spiritual entanglements must be broken because it creates a very tight net of chains that prevents the integration of higher energies of genuine soul expression and freedom.

Almost all who have been embodying these higher energies have been stuck because of the collective majority creating a massive wall of denial and resistance to the emergence of a new paradigm of reality. This collective majority will inevitably go through painful growth lessons, and at this point we have no other choice when we’re hitting the wall in a dead-end. As for the leaders and business owners who are living not too far from the collectively agreed reality to help the majority take a few steps forward, they will also go through disruptions and they will be called to step into a greater game. As reality will shift, so will theirs.

This is all for now. The work will not stop until this is done and the new energetic path and direction is secured and grounded. Any resistance is futile as it must be done.


Channeling distortion: 0%
Accuracy check: Infinite
Edit: someone else did a pendulum test at 98.93% accuracy

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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