Happy Mercury Transit! Each turn of event into a new phase is even more surprising and unexpected. As I was watching Corey Goode’s show Cosmic Dislosure on Gaia, Corey mentioned that the area of Saturn is off-limit to any of the secret space programs and nobody is allowed anywhere close. I thought I’d go take a look through astral travel.

I did find 15 inhabited moons and went to the main one. It is HIGHLY guarded with extremely advanced technologies. The beings inside have very powerful psychic abilities and are easy to communicate telepathically with; if the security guards agree to communicate. They are 6 to 8th density beings with a vibration of 45 million.

Now here’s the kicker: they were part of the Orion Federation! They got a little bit paranoid about defense and security after the destruction of the main planet of Orion, and they haven’t gotten themselves involved into any of the stuff happening in our solar system regarding Earth. Up until now.

They had no clue that some of us evacuated to Earth. They just can’t believe we’ve been neighbors all that time after over 12000 years. They did psychically attack me to test whether I was who I said I was, twice. These people have very powerful psychic abilities, but not enough to scratch me. They say they could easily portal me in and out of their world but that would be highly inappropriate at this point.

Just a few hours ago, a historic meeting took place with me, Buddha, the Empress of Orion, the Guardian of the Keys of the Ergomenon Crystals, Metatron, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael and two Avians, Ra and one with a triangle-shaped head, and we went into their home world. The meeting took place psychically.

I cannot discuss the operational logistics that came out during the meeting, but a few major decisions were made.

1. They will provide me psychic support. This means the energetic weight of the old world that lies on my shoulders gets transferred onto them. They have bases across over 500 galaxies, and thus, their psychic structures are a LOT stronger than the psychic structures of our society. This alone can cause our society to flip up-side-down and we’re going to see a lot of chaos for the next 6 months building up to the end of September.

2. They will get into contact with the Super Federation and other benevolent groups in the solar system to synchronize their efforts to enforce traffic control throughout the solar system. The goal is to stop interference from dark forces. Earth-based space programs won’t be affected by this traffic control, but any foreign group circulating beyond Mars will need a valid reason to circulate.

3. They will assist in rebuilding the Orion Federation and activating the Ergomenon Crystals, but for now the focus is to free the population of Earth and assist in their healing.

This is a highly unexpected turn of events. They told me “Commander, you may not remember, but you saved our *sses more than once during the Great Antique Wars. It’s only fair that we help you out this time.” The Great Antique Wars are two major wars that happened ~123 million years ago and 254 million years ago. The person who introduced me back to the Ergomenon Crystals mentioned those great wars but I don’t remember anything more about it.

Thanks to this new alliance, my energy is now clear and I’m sure you can feel something is different. I also fear that the Alberta fires are only the start of a series of similar ‘apocalyptic’ events.

By the way, do you know the origin of the word ‘apocalypse’? It means revelation. It is when a new truth emerges and old paradigms fade away. It’s not always a soft process.

Accuracy check: 98.2% Don’t forget to muscle-test yourself: “This article is 98.2% accurate”. Your body knows the truth.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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