We’re now entering a new phase of consciousness shift on a planetary level. I mentioned this in the last article and David Wilcock also mentioned transitioning into a new phase. The astral war is over. The Illuminatis are defeated. We’re now about to dive into a new phase of consciousness shift at full stream. Keep in mind that the 2012 prophecies talk about the 20 years before and after 2012, and we’re right in the middle of it. It is not about the end of the world, it is about the transition into a new golden era that is rooted in spirit and consciousness.

This transition really was a war of a spiritual nature with the energy fields of various people with different agendas clashing against each other. It mainly happened between 3 parties: those who lead the expansion of new spiritual energies, those who want to hold onto power and control over the planet, and the population who wants to keep things the way they are. Spirituality really grew in popularity over the past 10 years, but it really hasn’t deepened much at all. This year, however, the foundation of the Western spiritual communities was shaken so deep that it may appear as being a step back, but it will allow the spiritual movement to finally explore further and gain some depth.

One transition that caused major clashes is the awakening of feminine energy, and especially pure feminine sexual energy. The rigid structures of our society, and especially of the people controlling it, aren’t compatible with this feminine sexual energy which is a chaotic energy of light that cannot be restrained or contained. Another transition that caused major clashes is by beginning to replace motivation through pain or lust with motivation through soul. 88% of the population is still mainly motivated by either pain or lust.

Now that this spiritual war is over, what does this mean for your life and for the global population? Up until now, exploring this new spiritual path of creative power while being fully grounded in the force of life, female sexual energy and soul drive was a major challenge at times. I gave my core Year of Enlightenment group all the tools they needed to navigate through these energetic obstacles. We’re all energetically and emotionally connected and these dynamics of co-creation can severely impact each of us so it’s important to keep your energy clean. Only a few individuals with a very strong soul and nothing to lose were willing to step into this path.

Now, things are different. Old paradigms are transforming. New paradigms are expanding freely. It won’t be a challenging path anymore. In fact, it will become the easiest way to solve the problems you have in terms of health, relationships and finances. Whereas before, the easiest way to make money was to have pain-driven or lust-driven goals of making money as the first priority. From now on, it will become much easier to tune into your soul, listen to your divine guidance, move forward and see results not only of a spiritual nature but also in your physical life. The old ways will become harder and harder while the new ways will become easier and easier. A highway is paving itself.

This reminds me of when I went to Caye Caulker island in Belize, there is what they call the “split” in the middle of the island. The tiny stretch of land is literally separated in two. Locals like to say how the island was split in half during the 1961 hurricane, but that is hardly the truth. You could compare the 1961 hurricane as the spiritual war we just went through. It merely made a dent of water inland. Then, they dig that dent further to make a passage for boats. As boats passed through and traffic increased, so did the split, up to the point where it became this large 10-meter-wide passage with deep water.

Now that the path is clear, a LOT of people who weren’t ready to take this path will now take that safe passage. The passage will increase the traffic, and it will create a paved highway for a new paradigm of life.

To sum it up, the two main things that will change from now on are this. First, energetic attacks will stop. Second, a second larger wave of people will start talking that path. Exciting times ahead!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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