Napoleon Hill said that opportunities have the slick habit of disguising themselves as temporary defeats. It’s one thing to understand the concept intellectually. It’s another one to experience it and live through it. Yesterday morning, a client of mine said he lost his job and was freaking out about what to do. I replied quickly before renting a car and leaving for the day to visit around the area with my parents who came to visit me in Mexico. That very same day, someone broke into the car and stole my wallet, keys, brand new cellphone as well as my Alchemist ring! $1100 worth of stuff. Here I’m going to answer for everyone who goes through difficult experiences, not just from principles and theories, but from real-life experience.

Over the past few days, energies have been opening up big times and I have finally been able to fully rebuild my energy field at full strength (which I hadn’t been able to do for over 6 months!). I have also been playing with 999.9 pure gold for wealth transmutation and opening a clear energetic channel to the source of wealth itself. Dark forces conflicting with my path are defeated. I’m moving forward full-stream. And then THIS happens. WHY?

For a breakthrough to happen in your life, something needs to shift. You’re already doing the shifts that can be done through logical conventional means. For deeper transformations to unfold, a deeper shift must happen which often appears as a breakdown or a temporary defeat. Sometimes negative circumstances happen because you emit negative vibrations and have a lesson to learn, and in this case, it is clearly because this needed to happen to attract what matches the new high vibrations.

After seeing I had been stolen my bag in the car, it took me about 15 minutes to shift the negative energy around. My parents were worried about the stolen $400, and I said money was the easiest thing to replace. They couldn’t grasp that concept. I also said that I could use this event as motivation to generate even more. They couldn’t grasp that concept either. Anger can be turned around as a positive force that allows you to be laser-focused on what you truly want.

Here are a few interesting facts about this robbery:
1. I haven’t been stolen anything absolutely essential.
2. I had a replacement for everything that was stolen.
3. Almost everything that was stolen was about to be replaced by something else.
4. There are LOTS of details that could have made things MUCH worse, and none of them occurred.

So I really consider myself lucky, and keep finding lots of ways in which I have been lucky and feel grateful for it, and also find lots of ways in which it can lead to an even better outcome. I’m very lucky they didn’t take the car itself! My passport wasn’t there. My address was on my motorbike driving license as well as the keys, but they didn’t come to my apartment. I had just received a US currency credit card and somehow left it home, so I can still use that one. I wanted to transition into receiving payments in US$ and withdrawing in US$, and this will force this to happen right away. Everything seems to have been placed for a specific purpose. The brand-new cellphone was the only thing that didn’t need to be replaced, so I have no idea why it was there. The neighbor called the landlord who went out of his work to come give me new keys, so I’m also very lucky for that. He did a 1-hour drive in 30 minutes, with his co-worker in the car, so I wonder at what speed he was driving! I also have a second motorbike key.

As for the Alchemist ring, it was gold-plated silver with a ruby and I was about to rebuild it in 20k gold. Apparently this ring has a different purpose than just being a secondary ring. I use it to amplify the energy work and it channels extremely powerful energies. The new owner won’t be able to handle its energy and he will literally burn himself to the ground. I was seeing dead and agonizing insects on the ground afterwards, which I recognize as representing the dark forces.

So basically, I still have everything I need, I will replace everything missing by something even better, and I will use this experience as fuel to break into a higher level of wealth and freedom. My finances are better than ever, my energy is stronger than ever, and I’m on the verge of seeing a massive breakthrough unfold into physical form.

This happens right when I’m about to launch the live training on Wealth & Freedom. I’ll keep you posted when this new training will be ready. It appears to be taking a shape that is way out of the ordinary!

I will also have to write about the energetic shift that is happening and how it will impact you and society. The astral war is over. The Illuminatis are officially defeated. Society is heading into a new consciousness. Those who have been fighting this war are transition into a new phase of their lives.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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