I’ve been working on those Juggernaut Attunements ever since mid-November. 5 months! The attunements are not completed… BUT!!! Since working with Juggernauts, timelines have collapsed from 150 billion down to 53 right now, and it keeps collapsing. Thoth has been defeated, UniMatrix is dead, Sophia’s shadow and my shadow are under control. Even for the attunements that were completed, these massive collapses bring a lot of rubles to cleanup.

In a way, I charged way too little for the attunements. I need to do deeper work on less clients. On the other side, I’d be doing this work anyway, so might as well spread the cost across a range of people. I’m using the list of clients who purchased it as targets to help stabilize (or dismantle) the grid. So it’s alright. But right now I’m not taking new clients until next month, where I’ll be altering the offer.

For the timeline collapses, what does that mean? The collapses mean that you may face all kinds of weird versions of yourself, and shadows merging into your timeline. It’s a fight for survival as to which versions of yourself survive. A low amount of timeline means that… things will be more normal. It’s healing the timeline fragmentation. There should be less weirdness going on.

Along those 5 months, on top of the Juggernaut technique, I also developed a soul-wipeout technique. Lately, the focus went away from the Juggernauts, and I’ve been focusing on deleting Thoth entirely, and on cleaning all the junk from my soul and Sophia’s soul. Did several rounds of cleanup on energies above ground (remains energies below ground).

Once that’s done, I’ll be focusing more on a new technique: chakra wipe-out. Deleting all the junk in each chakra. I have to experiment with it to see how much collapses it causes, and whether it’s sustainable to do it on many people. If that goes well, it may become the first level before casting the full Juggernauts.

The Juggernaut Attunements will come as various levels (subject to change), at $1K per level.

Level 1: chakra wipe-out (chakras 2 to 7) across all timelines, and Juggernauts in the God Connection for the Heart & Crown.

Level 2: The current Juggernaut attunement, including casting Juggernaut on financial building. Adding the third eye to the current offer.

Level 3: The advanced attunement currently offered

Level 4: Wiping out all money consciousness below a certain threshold (around 15) on the Hawkins scale, and gradual transmutation of the rest (15 to 200 on Hawkins scale). Combining with the God connection attunement, it kicks the God & Money unmanifestation process into high gear, which has shown to be pretty explosive (and effective). I’ll also include all the videos that were produced for the God & Money Masterclass that explains this whole unmanifestation process.

Level 5: $30K one-on-one coaching for 6+ months, where I basically put you on my list of high-priority daily work alongside myself, my wife and daughter, with unlimited support and coaching (as needed) during that period. The goal is to start working together. 5 clients max per year. I can’t say exactly how it will be in details, because things never follow the plan. We just deal with the unexpected as it comes along.

Last month I got dry financially, did the Level 4 attunement work on myself to delete all low money consciousness energy, and a few days later I had a new high-end client which stabilizes finances for at least 6 months. This just shows how effective it is.

With the new client, the shadow work, the collapses and all that — you can see why I’m not taking new clients this month. Once timelines stabilize and I’m done with Thoth, Sophia and myself, I’ll be starting with chakra-wipeouts for all those who purchased the Juggernaut Attunement.

I’ll be changing that attunement to be the Level 1 described above, so let’s see how that will go.

Collapsing 150 billion timelines into 25 by tomorrow, these are pretty exciting times to be alive! The collapse went faster than all of my estimates; mind-blowing.

We really don’t need a thousand techniques. I got only 3 or 4 effective techniques to work on all this crazy high-level stuff. One high-end client has been using a single technique every 3 days for the past 6 months and single-handedly dealt with 85% of the crap coming from Lucifer’s side, allowing me to focus on Thoth, Sophia and myself. Great!

On a side-note, the expected survival rate hasn’t increased. We’re still expecting anywhere from 15% to 28% global survival rate. Considering things keep shifting; let’s just say 100% probability of losing more than half the population. We can evaluate that more in details later once timelines stabilize.

As for the infamous “looking glass” technology, it’s part of UniMatrix, which specializes in timeline manipulations (and was mostly responsible for the crazy timeline fragmentation). It’s easy to predict the future when you manipulate timelines!

I’ll leave you on a funny note. Someone found out my secret. “Gandalf tells the party to run so he can kill the final boss and get all the XP. Then he shows up next session all leveled up and with new robes and a new staff. Scumbag Gandalf.”

Accuracy check on this whole report: 99.8%, with 0.3% distortion, 0.1% cross-distortion. (measure it yourself!)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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