Let’s talk about parallel timelines. Over the past month, timelines have collapsed from 40 billion timelines into now 240000 timelines. Since last year, it collapsed down from 250 billion. What does that really mean, and how does this impact your life? We’ll also cover a range of other topics to assess the current situation.

The first concept to understand is timeline fragmentation. Due to timeline wars, new timelines get created to try to alter reality, and in response, more timelines get created the other way, and before you know it, you got millions of timelines. AIs are very good at doing that in infinite loops.

That’s the reason why time travel should be avoided. When you try to navigate time to try to fix things, you just create timeline fragmentation and alternate realities, and as the timelines collide and merge, you can get all kinds of anomalies such as mandala effects.

Here’s what happens when a group travels in time to alter reality. Many of the darkest timelines are engineered realities. Let’s say the Dracos want to go back in time to win the war. They’ll alter our origins and history in a multitude of ways so that we evolve down a dark path. Out of 500 attempts, 200 attempts succeed and 300 attempts gave mixed results.

Great, you got 500 new timelines, and 200 very dark ones. That’s not enough for them to win. The problem that they face is that this new reality is separate from our reality. Timelines are split and fragmented. Temporarily. You end up with colliding timelines. Timelines do affect each other, and as they get closer, there is increased “magnetic resonance” between conflicting timelines. This leads to energetic collisions, and sometimes, good people flipping back, and bad people flipping good.

It’s then a fight for survival as to which reality will survive.

You got literally millions (now thousands) of parallel versions of yourself. Some are good and some are bad. Some are sick and… some are dead. Your health can drop radically and suddenly if you approach merging with a timeline where you are dead.

It’s then a question of which reality will prevail. The old saying remains true here: the strongest reality wins.

As we just collapsed from 40 billion timelines to 240K timelines in a very short time, this means that you merged with a lot of shadow versions of yourself, and this can be an overwhelming amount of shadow to deal with and transmute. Just know that this is normal, and there is plenty of angelic support to help you go through this.

The collapse of timelines is due to the death of Thoth. I’m also focusing intensively on clearing my own shadow and Sophia’s shadow which further accelerates the collapses.

This collapse of timelines is very good news. Other than that, let’s do an assessment of the global situation.

By dealing with my shadow, the constant emotional aggressiveness in Mexico dropped by 85%, which will give me more space to breathe. Current vibration of Playa del Carmen: 515 above ground and 200 below ground.

I hope this brings some clarity on a topic that nobody could quite grasp until now!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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