Literally hours after posting the last article where I warned about 5 false flags being underway, the first false flag occurred in Charlottesville, followed by an operation to take down statues and another false flag in Barcelona. There were at least 2 other car mauling that may count as half false flag each. Someone carrying many pipe-bombs was arrested in Charlottesville just before the incident, an artisanal bomb has been taken from an Antifa member, and bombs have been found in Barcelona with Sagrada Familia being their main target. All bombs were defused and it seems van mauling was only a Plan B. We did get through the eclipse without bombs taking off… by a hair.

But… is Charlottesville really a false flag with actors and protesters being paid or am I making this up? A bit of research is often all it takes. This video claims there was a posting before the incident looking for actors in Charlottesville for $25/h. The requirements are exactly what it takes to stage event such as what is taking place. Following the links, the posting on Craigslist was indeed posted *before* the incident and is thus genuine. Coincidentally, the mother of a victim in Charlottesville is the same mother as a victim in Sandy Hook.

This settles the case. It’s all a big theater.

On my side, I’ve been busy. Several have ordered a Soul Alignment Reading but I’m waiting until we are out of the eclipse for energies to calm down. I should get back to it tomorrow.

We’ve installed devices to neutralize the power of creation of 150k Cabal agents and supporters. It is literally over for them. They won’t be able to take these off, nor will they be able to maintain control of their reality even less yours. They are programmed to automatically unlock after 50 years (some will unlock earlier). We’re installing another 100k devices on the population in Mexico to dismantle the dark social structures, and these will unlock in 2 years.

In addition to this, there were 38 root chakra generators installed on this planet over the recent years (in addition to 6 already present in China and 4 in Russia, older and weaker model). These generators unroot dark forces and allow the light to take roots, and then strengthen the root chakra. There is one older model beneath Shianghai in China, and strangely, there is no poverty in the city and everybody has a very strong root chakra. I just installed additional generators for a total of 130 spread evenly across the globe. These metaphysical generators produce an energy output equivalent to 32x our planetary electric consumption. This globe will shine. I have also installed an additional 8 on the moon, bringing the total to 138. Corrupt forces are dead and buried.

So what’s next?

I got instructions to turn the psychic arsenal directly towards the population. Those who fight against their own free speech or push for social disintegration and chaos, and who are in energetic agreement with the Cabal, are to be treated as if they were part of the Cabal. For now I’m focusing on disintegrating movements funded by Georges Soros including Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Starting from the next full moon, those still fighting for social disintegration will become the target of Lumerian bombs of light, which will lead to disintegration of corrupt social structures.

We estimate that no more than 0.45% of the population will change course by then, and those that remain are dead set in their course and won’t change without going through serious tribulations. This represents about 12% of the US population.

What we are focusing on are mostly 64 movements created or redirected by the Cabal to distort the light or create a new grid of control. Antifa is the most obvious and should be labeled a terrorist organization. Black Lives Matter is built upon “we are victims and others owe us”, which is a self-defeating paradigm that won’t bring anything positive, ever. It simply buries black communities deeper into a victim mentality, disempowers them, and drags everybody around into their sinkhole, pushing for social disintegration. Feminist movements, for the most part, also operate from the same “we are victims and others owe us” paradigm. Then there are many movements to put down and shame majorities to raise minorities, including gays/lesbians/transgender movements, which will be a target as well. There has been massive push for the Cabal to make being gay socially acceptable, and to make people want to become gay, because it distorts one’s sexual power of creation. Overall, 85% of the groups targeted are based on anchoring victimhood as a lifestyle to justify their hate and anger. The other 15% are simply misguided by lies and illusions.

For those involved in such movements, you have until the next full moon to change course until you become the next targets.

You can’t fight hate with hate. You fight hate with love, unshakable, intense and focused love. Dark forces however can have strong adverse reaction to such love, and bombs of love will inevitably lead to the disintegration of corrupt social structures.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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