A lot has been happening lately on every level. Many people are reporting energies shifting like crazy and getting their ass kicked, while Rion Kati has been living in my house in Mexico for nearly 3 months. We’ve been focusing on breaking through very heavy energies and awakening a lot of powers. I’ve been unable to work on my business during that time so that’s why I’ve been quiet. Focusing on the bigger work.

So what’s new? As Christopher Greene points out very simply, we’re on the brisk of war. He’s been warning about it for 10 years and nobody was listening, and now that everything is exactly as he said, still very few are listening. His last few words sum it all up: “People literally won’t wake up. Until the blast hits.” On the divine plan, it is why it must happen.

Even today, the majority still denies that anything serious is happening at all, or try to use their creative power to prevent the inevitable from happening. Our focus should instead be in getting it done so that we can adapt and move on quickly from a new paradigm, but I got the feeling this whole process is going to be as gruelingly slow as it is starting. So be it.

When it comes to predicting events, everybody got the timing wrong; and every follower is way too attached to the timing. From my perspective it’s not WW3, it’s simply transitional chaos that the population is creating through their lack of integration of the higher energies and their lack of leadership

Anonymous released a video where they basically repeat the message I keep repeating: The greatest challenge society faces today is the lack of leadership aligned with God.

The Cabal has desperately been trying to overthrow Trump ever since the election without success, and they are currently planning 5 different false flag operations within the next 2 weeks to seize control of events which are being neutralized. Destructive events by the Cabal will not be authorized. Only destruction from the population unaffiliated with the Cabal will be authorized. The Cabal’s co-creative power is now declared null and void.

Energetic devices are being implanted on every Cabal agent to cut their co-creative power. They won’t be able to take this one off. We won’t need to psychically bomb them anymore. It is showing to be extremely effective. Their power is now null and void.

What we are facing is not World War 3. What we are facing is transitional chaos. I’ve given up on trying to change people’s paradigms. People won’t wake up until the blast hits, thus, a blast must hit for people to wake up. God always take the shortest path to growth, and when you can see through God’s eye, there is nothing to complain. This will not be a full-blown war, but rather, a long series of skirmishes until we collective get our shit together.

War and chaos allow for great society changes that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. This can either be done positively or negatively. Whoever controls the astral field in this Holographic Universe controls the outcome of such chaos. Positive forces are now in control of the field of creation, and we will make sure the Cabal stays out of the picture. Their creative power has now been taken away. Secret space programs will be allowed to continue as an independent civilization while going through a political cleansing while we’re learning to harness our own powers here on Earth.

This will be a phase of deep cleansing of the population. This is between God and the population. External interference is being removed. What we collectively create with our minds will manifest, and only by doing so, will we learn to harness our power of creation. Those who survive that is, as it is possible to lose up to 30% of the population within the next 30 years.

Destructive events by the Cabal will not be authorized. Only destruction from the population unaffiliated with the Cabal will be authorized.

The total solar eclipse on August 21th will further anchor this transition as a reality.

There is way too much momentum to change this now. You will have to listen and adapt.

Denial has fallen into irrelevance, and irrelevance will fade away.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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