I just got back from Atlanta after going to an event. In the past, I was only connecting with people who had heavy problems and for who none of the standard solutions were working, OR with Type-A entrepreneurs playing at the highest level. This keeps happening. Now I have 3 A-type entrepreneurs who want to come down to Mexico to do a VIP day. Plus a 4th person who also wants to do a VIP day too. Before the event, my cashflow was completely jammed, and now 4 people want to do a VIP day. 4x $5000 makes a more sustainable business model. Cash appears to be an on/off switch. I just have to get those payments in and get things rolling.

I also have an event coming up this week-end on August 21-23th. It will be a very intensive workshop with 14h days where we go the whole night; the way I like it. Considering that not a single person outside of our Year of Enlightenment group has shown interest for it, combined with the fact that 4 leaders want to do a VIP day, I may not host another event in this format at that price point. It is only $1500 for the 3 days, and only for those who already have direct experience doing energy work with me, either 1-on-1 or at another event. I’ll have my most advanced students there so we will go DEEP. One intent will be to cause a transition period for each individual. Another intent will be to mark a transition period with some heavy energetic “stuff” going on in the geographical area that appears to be a planetary hot-spot (for a reason that I don’t yet fully comprehend). It’s a bit last minute, and if you want to join us, let me know and we’ll see whether it’s a match.

While at the event on stage in the experts panel, when asked for some final thoughts or advice, I channeled this message: “remember who you are and what you’re here for.” It didn’t really hit at first, but thinking about it afterwards, that message really was for me. To connect with the greater reason of why I’m here to begin with. It also sums up what appeals to Type-A entrepreneurs. They want to connect with their higher spiritual essence, fill the void that keeps growing within, and connect with the greater purpose of why they’re here. When I say Type-A entrepreneurs, I mean people who have, had or are creating businesses of half a million a year or more. This message is like a fine wine: slightly bitter at first, but its taste grows and matures in the mouth over time to give the most exquisite experience of life.

“Remember who you are and what you’re here for”, that also applies to every other entrepreneurs and leaders. Instead of being stuck in the daily busy-ness, it’s important to take a step back to reconnect with who you are a look at the greater picture. And interestingly enough, I never connected with entrepreneurs and healers as clients, but since I’m starting to connect more with Type-A entrepreneurs, other entrepreneurs who aren’t at that level are now also approaching me. What’s the difference? I’m getting over the shame of being “too much”. I’m finally stepping into who I am and what I’m truly here to do.

There is more I could say about the purpose of why I’m here, and for now, take a second to think about your life. You have tremendous knowledge, power and history locked into the memory of your soul that connects the dots between where you’ve been and where you’re going, and your story expands beyond the boundaries of this lifetime.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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