I’m at a transition point right now; or rather, the planetary transition is moving to the next phase. Let me share about where I’m at and what I’m truly here to do.

I’m an analyst programmer, system architect and soul foundation architect. I have memories of advanced civilizations that have come and gone. These ancient civilizations have predicted the energetic shift that our solar system is going through right now. I’m here to build the foundation of the new world that is emerging in the new age that we are entering.

The emerging civilization has to be built with God at its core, being in full alignment with the universal laws of life. You can’t just build that by taking action on a plan. Part of your life’s purpose is to embody these higher consciousness energies, and from that place of embodiment, shape a different energetic reality. The new paradigm of life first must be encoded into the energetic planes, and then it will take manifestation into the physical world. It cannot be done the other way around; not at that scale.

I have worked with a certain group of clients with who we got this far in transitioning away from the old paradigms of life. I’ll have to transition into working with Type-A entrepreneurs (people who have, had or are creating businesses of half a million a year or more) for the next phase of building a new foundation to replace the old structures. One of the things that must change with my business is that I must spend my time and energy with people who are able and willing to apply the knowledge I teach.

Another part of this great work is to deepen the alignment of the spiritual paradigms, which means breaking down old spiritual paradigms. When Jesus and Buddha came to this world, they weren’t concerned about bringing heaven on Earth, as the world wasn’t ready for that. They were rather teaching a path to heaven. Now, we’re entering a new age where, for the first time, a new spiritual path becomes available to live both in Earth and Heaven simultaneously.

I will still be writing articles and sharing knowledge in a more mainstream way, because this knowledge must be spread. I’ll also have to restructure the business in a way that my 1-on-1 time will be spent with individuals who will put the knowledge into use. With the defeat of the planetary power structures, my powers have grown tremendously lately. This kind of energy work is useful for shaping collective aggregates of energies. Shaping society, building empires. Using this spiritual strength on individual issues is kind of overkill. You can only take in so much energy before having to bring it out in some way or another, and this is easily a million times over that limit.

Here’s something else I want to share about the power structures that controlled our planet up until now. I’ve pealed their energetic structures away like an onion one layer at a time. There isn’t much left of it. There is a hypnotic energetic grid that imposes boundaries over our minds. These were built by the Dracos, a 5th density reptilian race, right after the fall of Atlantis. Several civilizations were destroyed during a war.

Look at this map. What do you see? I’m right in the middle of that map, and the Mayas were around here too. Several advanced civilizations were built in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. You can see 6 round-shaped holes that were created by laser blasts from a spaceship. The North of Africa was another area of blast. Energetically, these laser blasts have also left massive portals that seriously affect the energy of those areas. In Quintana Roo, I’m right in the middle of it.

The Dracos had a very large physical base right under my feet in Cozumel across from Playa del Carmen, in the sea going all the way from Isla Mujeres to Tulum. That physical base has been destroyed. A long time ago, the Avians, a benevolent 6th density race, created Ley Lines around our planet to help diffuse the energies and help the growth of consciousness. The Dracos took control of those Ley Lines. How? By trapping an energetic parasite beneath it, which needed to feed from people through those communication lines. The parasite has been removed and the Ley Lines have been freed. The Bermudes Triangle is right above the area of blast, across the coast of Miami. I’m still not sure exactly what that is, but the latest information I got is that this is the remnants of security technologies of the old bases, a part that hasn’t been destroyed and is still active.

I’ll also point out that there is information I can share, and have to share for disclosure reasons, and information I cannot share for security reasons. When you look at the areas of blast of the 3 lasers that created the Gulf of Mexico, and the scale of destruction in the North of Africa, these are very serious and powerful enemies we’re fighting against. They’re being defeated here on Earth, and the Avians created a quarantine zone around the solar system that prevents anyone from being able to enter the solar system, otherwise the Dracos would send reinforcements and try to destroy the whole planet. I’m not expecting this quarantine zone to go down for at least the next 50 years. Meanwhile, as the Avians are protecting us, they are being carried into a war of their own. I’ve been fighting the Dracos for a very long time so I know them all too well. And they’re gone, at least from this world.

Enough for now. To better understand what we are creating, it’s important to understand our past. My philosophy is simple: I’ll give you as much as you’re willing to take in. Now I have to find some people who are willing to take a position of leadership, and help them understand their role in the greater picture.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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