There has been a huge spiritual movement that has grown especially in the last ten years. Yet, I still see many spiritual people STUCK and BROKE. Why is it so? There are several reasons. I’m really tired of seeing people with huge potential remaining stuck in their small lives because of dysfunctional beliefs they hold onto. I’m on a mission to change this. Here are the top 3 principles keeping most spiritual people stuck.

Faulty spiritual principle #1: Positive thinking

Most of us realize that our thoughts attract what we focus on through the law of attraction. Thus, a great majority of broke people focus only on what they want and avoid looking at the problems in their lives. I would bring a slight correction to the law of attraction. If you visualize 10 minutes per day, it attracts what you consciously focus on 10 minutes per day and what you subconscious focus on 24h per day. If you avoid problems in your life, avoid looking at them and avoid dealing with them, this avoidance is an important emotional charge that is focused on the problems you are avoiding. This means that avoiding problems actually attracts them. More importantly, when you don’t address the problems in your life, they don’t go away. They keep growing in the dark like mushrooms until they become too big for you to ignore. There are so many people into the law of attraction who went into bankruptcy because of this.

Instead, look at problems with a positive light. Stay focused on what you want to achieve and look at the specific problems holding you back. Seek solutions to these problems with a positive and constructive attitude. If there weren’t any problems holding you back from your goals, you would have what you desire.

Faulty spiritual principle #2: Meditating to reach stillness

I know many people who spend so much time meditating and meditating to feel better, raise their vibration and reach stillness. You could do the breathing meditation your entire life and still remain broke and single. If all you want is to unite back with the source, all you have to do is waiting until your death. You’ll get there anyway; you don’t have to worry about it. You were born for a reason. You were born in this physical body to fully live this human life and to achieve things that can only be achieved through the physical. Yes, God created everything but God operates through the physical. God gave you the power to choose and through that power, you create through your choices and actions. If you want to improve your quality of life, get into great relationships and live abundantly, it will not happen just by meditating in a general way.

Instead, meditate to reach your goals and take action. I don’t do general meditations. Whenever I do meditation or energy healing, I always do it with a specific intent to achieve something. I will work on a pain in the heart, ground my energy to the earth or download knowledge from the source. If you want a great relationship, don’t just clear your mind and visualize a perfect relationship. Look at the blockages holding you back from connecting with others, heal these specific blockages and go out to meet more people.

Faulty spiritual principle #3: Finding the truth within yourself

All the great spiritual teachers tell you to find the truth from within yourself and to be your own guru. This is true, but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Doing everything on your own brought you exactly where you currently are and brings you forward very slowly. You have to be very careful about finding the truth only within yourself as many spiritual people use it as an excuse to stay within their comfort zone and hold onto their beliefs. They confuse their beliefs system and filters with the universal truth, and it is very difficult to differentiate those from within. It is much easier for someone else to see and identify your filters and limiting beliefs. A mentor can help you reconnect with your own truth much faster than you could on your own.

Instead, find those who have the results you want and ask them to teach you. This will bring you towards your goals much faster. When you live small, you can afford to rely only on yourself, but as your life grows and you get involved into larger projects, mistakes become much more expensive. For someone who is just starting out, a mistake can cost him $500 and for someone living a bigger life, the same mistake can cost him $50000. I can tell you from personal experience that as my life grows, I can no longer afford to not have coaches. I am facing more and more unknown situations and the stakes become larger and larger. If you invest $10000 to organize a large event in a hotel, there are lots of challenges you cannot afford to let go wrong. At a certain point, you also can no longer afford to lose 3 months of your time because of a bad decision. As you grow and become successful, you will get to a point where you can no longer afford to do things on your own without coaches and mentors. That is why all successful people including the best coaches have several coaches themselves.

Using positive thinking, meditating to reach stillness and only seeking the truth within yourself is a sure way to remain STUCK and BROKE while living small within your comfort zone. Yet, so many people in spirituality do exactly that. You can make a conscious decision to not let these 3 dysfunctional principles sabotage your life anymore. By looking at problems with a positive light, by meditating to reach your goals and taking action and by finding those having the results you desire and asking them to teach you, your life will literally transform. Procrastination will be replaced by a snowball of evolution. Then, you’ll truly be able to help others with the huge potential you already have.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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