I will be hosting a Self-Awakening and Transformation Live Event in Thailand in October with Rion Freeberg. Although the details aren’t fixed yet, here’s what it will look like. The past event in Medellin was truly legendary so we will do it in the same format, which is 4 days of 15 hours each with both me and Rion, with a day off in-between. That’s 60 hours with both me and Rion that provide a very in-depth transformation. At the last event, everybody looked 5 to 10 years younger after a few days. This time, we’ll bring the whole experience a few levels up. Actually, I will teach my methodology to do energy profile readings, for the first time ever. We’ll really go into high-level spiritual stuff, and Rion’s job will be to keep you grounded and balanced.

The dates will be October 5-9th 2012 for the event only for men, at the cost of $5000 per person with only 8 spots available. The past event sold out in 2 days, and there are already many people who already showed a strong interest for this event. We will also do an event for women on October 12-16th 2012 at the cost of $3000 per person. The event for women will have a very similar format with only 6 to 8 spots available. The reason the event for women is cheaper is because me and Rion are more familiar about working with men. These women will be our guinea pigs to experiment on 🙂

We will open registrations on August 10th, which means all spots will probably be gone by August 12th. Why are we waiting before taking registrations? There are a few reasons.

– Many people who went to my Purpose and Prosperity Live Event in Montreal also want to come to this upcoming event but some of them will need some time to gather the funds. This will give them time and make it fair for everybody.
– I will be teaching for the first time my methodology to do energy profile readings. Many people still don’t know what this is so I’ll first have to properly launch this new service.
– I have some great videos and testimonials from the Montreal event. In order to leverage those and give you a better idea of the value you’ll get, I’ll need some time to prepare those videos.
– Although I know nothing about astrology, I have friends telling me what I need to know. Mercury is retrograde between July 12th and August 8th. This is not a good period for making decisions or launching projects as that energy brings challenges and hesitations that make the projects not work. That period is better for introspection and physical activities.

I will take the time to talk with everybody interested in the event over the phone 1-on-1 to clarify what you really need and to make sure you’re ready for this event, as some of the things we will teach will be extremely high-level. In order to secure a strategy session, you will have to leave a refundable deposit of $100 and I will call everybody in a first-come first-serve basis. Booking a strategy session does NOT guarantee a spot for the event. It doesn’t engage you in anything and the event might or might not be a good fit. Once it is sold out, all remaining deposits will be automatically refunded.

If you want to make it to the Self-Awakening and Transformation Live Event in Thailand in October, start looking for the money now and look for the announcements of August 10th!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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