Let’s first review some of the major updates I posted lately. The Baal cancer feeding network looks gone. We should be seeing massive health improvements.

Then, Baal the white mage was called Kalleth, a name long forgotten. When he placed the seal, he did not only destroy innocents at the academy. He destroyed all history that preceded it! The destruction we found beneath the seal was impressive.

The meditation we’re using with a lot of success lately is the Final Judgment. It’s like the Needle of God meditation, but it has to be final. There are 6 levels to it. Level 1 is like a potent round into the Needle of God. Level 2 is like a Cease & Desist order from God. Level 3 to 6 are like a death sentence.

It’s easier to face God forward that backwards. I talked to Baal, Pistis and all these other players, and said they’d face the Final Judgment anyway. God is offering mercy if they surrender to it. Most of them took the offer. Baal was surprised I knew about his past, and told me his former name: Kalleth. They faced the Final Judgment voluntarily and avoided death sentence.

Remains the question of what to do with all of their customers on Earth who control the governments and corporations. They also need Final Judgments.

There are more problems though. When I look in the street, people feel a lot more organic than before, but still have 95-99% dark energy! They’re like walking time-bombs with only surface improvement. Something else is going on.

There are also very dangerous timeline merges going on that we’re still trying to avoid. Bad timeline merges can cause very serious problems that would take a long time to resolve.

There are also new HLPs (High Level Players) showing up.

The Lucarnia Academy… when they fell, they were already surrounded and contained within a matrix system. Baal only erased one matrix cell! There are 3 more matrix levels further up; possibly more. Need to keep going higher.

There are still very major problems ahead, and Christmas may be particularly dangerous.

We’re still in a dangerous timeline war. We’re in the 15% of better timelines, surrounded by really nasty timelines and pits (we spent a lot of time to clear major timeline pits). Still, it may take 3-4 years before joining a master timeline. Until then, we’re a lot more vulnerable to timeline attacks and manipulations.

There are 12 master timelines; 3-4 years is just for the closest one of the 12. Those new master timelines are very incompatible with ours, making for hard merges. Our timeline is 3.5% aligned with God, the closest master timeline is 35% aligned, and there are 2 timelines 75% aligned. It might take 115 years to merge with 6 of the 12 master timelines. Unless we find a shortcut.

Meanwhile, Voldamort was a skeleton under the Lucarnia seal, but even as a skeleton, his behavior was not that of a dying person. He just lost a toe and is still very alive. Alobar is still very active, he was just installing grids to place us under the authority of other dominant timelines.

So I’m raising the alarm.

Everyone needs to raise the bar by at least 10x to face the challenges we’re all facing. Ask God for all necessary upgrades.

This is not over. All teams need to be on high alert from now until New Year.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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