I’m currently working on a serious cancer case and am investigating the issue more in-depth. I’ve made some interesting discoveries!

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, we are simply exploring the metaphysical aspects behind the disease. If you have a serious medical condition, consult a certified medical professional. (It is often best to treat both the energetic causes and the physical symptoms at the same time.)

With that said, take a look at this paper published in 1889. A surgeon reported that every cancer he ever removed was filled with parasites, small animals resembling lice. The paper also reported that his proposed solution was not successful.

Parasites are a lot more common in tropical countries than in cold modern countries. Let’s measure a few things with kinesiology.

Accuracy of this statement: All cancers in Canada are filled with parasites that look like lice? I get 100% yes on that, with very little distortion.

How do you explain that the exact same parasite would show up in every country around the world? It seems to manifest out of the ether, like mold. I’ve seen an experiment with distilled water in a closed container, and life eventually appearing in it out of nowhere (comment with the source if you have it).

Accuracy of this statement: The cancer parasite manifests out of the ether? I get 95.4% accuracy? “Can” manifest out of the ether: 100% accuracy, low distortion.

Trying to clear the parasite, however, proved very difficult! It has its own armies. These are Baal armies.

Let’s measure one more sentence: What % of cancers are Baal? I get… 80.3%, with low distortion.

Cancer, parasites, Baal armies, this gets interesting.

If I look into this, I can confirm that there is a Baal feeding network directly linked to cancers. He drains your essence through cancers. Currently, what % does this network represent of Baal’s total fuel source? I get 34.7% of his power source, and 53.9% of his regeneration source. This is huge.

What does this Baal network feed from?
– Cancer: 39.7%
– Conflicts: 42.8%
– Emotional wounds: 35.8%
– Other: 13.5%

This network grips into conflicts, emotional wounds and cellular disbalance, the parasites army show up physically, turn it into a cancer, and the feeding frenzy keeps growing. Accuracy? I’m getting 100%.

This explains why the medical institutions, under Baal’s commands, have no interest in ending cancer. This also explains why many people healed from it by feeling good and getting out of Baal’s clenches.

The case I’m dealing with right now is a pretty serious case. She got drained non-stop by Alobar, while her cancer kept growing throughout her body. I’m now realizing that both are one and the same problem. The only way to save her is to dismantle Baal’s network and armies as a whole.

I’m also looking for a few more people with cancer to take part of this clearing experiment. If you have cancer, get a Soul Alignment Reading within the next 5 days (before November 23rd) and I’ll track how your cancer evolves with the clearing work.

I can’t promise anything, but this is a serious lead we got here. Cutting half of Baal’s regeneration, and dismantling cancer networks, would be a huge victory.

Note: this is not all what cancers are about. Chemicals, EMF and emotional wounds do cause cellular problems, but without Baal’s feeding armies, the problems would be at least 5 times smaller, and much easier to resolve.

Get a Soul Alignment Reading if you want to be included in this clearing experiment!

Accuracy check of this article: 98.9%, distortion 0.4%, cross-distortion 0.1% (measure it yourself).

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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