We’re going through a very sensitive phase. Crystals are corrupted again so I’ve had to leave my rings to the side since 2 days. We’re starting a bad timeline collision that will occur in the first week of December and already started. The whole area won’t be safe for us and we’ll need to leave for a week. I don’t know how others will be affected. After that, things should get a lot better.

Lately, I’m studying intensively cloud technologies. While doing the field work, I’m seeing a lot of the same technologies in the astral as the cloud technologies I’m studying! Found big lakes of raw data, extensive data collection networks feeding those lakes, and data processing centers transforming those data lakes into usable data. Sounds like Azure Data Lake and Azure Databricks! There are also cyborg beings plugged as nodes in the matrix grid, each node locally contains enough data so 90% of queries can be done locally, which is a must to scale a system to infinity. Sounds like Internet of Things! We also found hidden subnets in encrypted networks, and fully encrypted areas. Those encrypted areas are absolutely everywhere and merely appear as subtle noise from the outside.

Now, let’s go back to the Lucaria Academy. This whole place is a hall of illusions and everything we’ve seen about it so far was fake. The story of Baal and the white mage Kalleth was an illusion. Everything being dead under the seal was also an illusion. Got to look at it again from the start.

Lucaria Academy has been a realm of secrecy and treachery from the start. It’s a school of high magic and is where Voldamort got trained. This is where all these big players come from. This is where this whole culture of mocking God started. In that culture, the strongest mage wins, and they get that power by any and all means possible.

This is a Hogwarts school. Harry Potter story showed us the very source of this whole mess: Hogwarts and Voldamort. There is one element that is missing from their teachings: God.

This is not God’s pet project at all. It is the original Luciferian cult.

There are still tons of secrets buried at Lucaria. This entire sector needs to go through Final Judgment for a proper cleanse; and there are tons of powerful mages over there.

We also found the Architect of the Central Matrix. Looks like for this first week of December, we’re going into a collision with both the Central Matrix and with Lucaria Academy. I’m sure both are directly connected. There is also Baphomet and other players who need to be dealt with.

It kind of looks like the next phase will get messy…

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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