It’s been nearly 2 months since the last update. After the week of travels in Belize where I got 6 months worth of energy work done within a week, energies fell back down like crazy and I haven’t been able to do any work since then. I know these past few months have been rocky for various people. I’ve been focusing mostly on healing myself and working with clients who also have been seeing amazing transformations. There is so much to talk about. I’ll just throw in a whole bunch of topics; each of which could easily take a whole article to cover properly.

First, money-wise, I made $20k in the two months before this trip to Belize for the first time, and although I haven’t been able to do any work since, I still had recurring income covering my expenses so this really hasn’t affected my finances. I knew there are periods where I can’t function properly because of shifting global energies and designed my business in consequence. Also, I just went to Los Angeles for a business mastermind event and this trip was unbelievably inexpensive: $331 for Cancun-Los Angeles round-trip and $151 for hotel. By creating a recurring source of income, I can focus on doing only healing work without having to worry about the money. Talking of finances, I’ll soon be hosting a 4-part training series specifically about creating financial freedom.

Second, I came onto a video of a Chinese grand-master who could push people around with his energy. Although I had seen a few similar demonstration videos in the past, he’s the first one to publish a video explaining what he’s doing. It’s all rooted in the concept non-rivalry: instead of pushing against you, he’s pushing with you. By applying this on a spiritual level, it has been extremely effective on disarming energetic attacks and tensions. I have produced Non-Rivalry Powerliminal meditations and have kept them playing day and night non-stop since. It is creating a very powerful bubble of protection around my apartment. By running these powerliminals at Rion’s apartment, where he started playing with lots of crystals, we also realized that it cleaned, activated and over-activated his crystals! Interesting side-effect. Blowing up candles with a punch works exactly the same way and I’m now practicing that, something that normally only some rare QiGong masters can do, and am getting great results. I plan to release a Powerliminal meditation package with these non-rivalry audios and a few more. I might release one of them publicly for trial.

Third, I’m realizing that the more I talk about the fundamental basics, the more opposition I’m getting from others, even from top coaches and healers who appear to be teaching similar things. No wonder why I’m getting so much silence when talking about anything more advanced! This means I’ll really have to focus more on the simple basics.

Fourth, I realized there were *extremely* strong negative energies stored into the ancient pyramids around here in Mexico (Chitchen Itza and other sites) spreading through the underground water cave systems and forming an energy grid holding the population under a hypnotic spell. This was literally locking my mind and energy field and prevented me from getting any work done. This battle has been raging for months and now the whole hypnotic grid is finally disintegrated. That was some though sh*t. A friend had a similar problem last summer while visiting Stonehenge and other sites in Ireland, and as she was working on that, Ireland almost separated from England! This is really interesting. It explains why many people really aren’t thinking and are instead falling for media propaganda: there are powerful energetic grids keeping the population’s mind under hypnotic spells. But this is changing. The vibration of the planet is raising to a point where mind-control won’t work anymore. It just doesn’t have any grip anymore.

Fifth, for the Natural Grounding community, I’ll have to post-pone the book I wanted to write. So far, the best training material we have is the original Natural Grounding Guide, written in 2009 by Rion and re-edited by me in 2011. Then, Rion also has his Core Natural Grounding Training which can be purchased. With this, the guys applying Natural Grounding are doing the right techniques with the right logistics, and I’m also realizing that I and Rion are doing it from a fundamentally different paradigm and that’s the #1 reason why we’re so far ahead than anyone else. What’s normal in our daily lives doesn’t make sense in other people’s paradigms. But since the fundamentals trigger so much conscious and subconscious resistances, I can’t just teach the foundation. I’ll have to gradually start teaching the basics while compiling lists of oppositions and resistances I’m seeing from a wide range of people. This will come through experience and will take time and there’s no shortcut to it, so the Natural Grounding Bible book will have to wait.

The approach I want to take with the Natural Grounding community is to teach the fundamental paradigm and basics so that you and others can do it the way I and Rion are doing it; and yes it means working with your Qi and transmuting the energy for healing and into your purpose. It is an extremely powerful tool and the idea is that you can get the kind of results we’re getting, understand why we’re doing it, find your own reasons for accessing these powers, and from there the community will grow from the inside out.

Although I haven’t talked much about Natural Grounding to this list yet, many of you (those who are also following Rion and those who have been here for years) already know what I’m talking about. We have a great online Facebook community where we’re discussing a lot of deep topics related to sexual energy. Join the Facebook community here. It’s a private group so just ask to join and I’ll approve you. We’re also sharing tons of new Natural Grounding resources. There’s the Natural Grounding Player that will GREATLY enhance your grounding experience (for PC only). Version 1.1 should be coming out soon.

Talking of Natural Grounding resources, they used to be very rare when we got started with this. Some GREAT resources came out of Thailand between 2002 and 2006, most of them being impossible to find anymore. Then Korea and Japan started producing great resources. But now, K-Pop is booming and TONS of new resources are coming out every month! I just downloaded 100 new videos that I still have to do energy readings on. Soon, it will become impossible to catch up with the growth of new resources. But I have to say, most of these new videos have great Yin (feminine) energy. Videos with strong Yang (masculine) energy are still as rare as they were 2 years ago, and I would like to see more videos with strong elemental energies (fire, water, air, earth, aether). None of these K-Pop resources match the authenticity of Palmy or the soothing water energy of Nicole Theriault. This booming industry is barely getting started.

Alright, enough for now, I just wanted to post some updates as to what I’ve been up to. I’m gradually getting back into a functional state, much stronger than ever. And as a reminder, you can get an Energy Tune-Up to get your life on-track or join the Year of Enlightenment group to really kick things forward. The last few calls have been more powerful than ever. And of course, if you have specific problems you absolutely need to overcome, we can work 1-on-1 to resolve them once and for all. I’m here to serve you. Until next time!

Oh yeah, and I just went to the beach. Had to calm down that fire.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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