We’re now at Plan D for the activation of the Ergomenon Crystals. None of the 10 Keepers and 50 Priestesses required for the first phase of activation have shown up for the task, the Master of the Keys disappeared and I don’t know what happened of her, and the opposition to such activation is extremely heavy. The activation is happening anyway, and I was told to wait until we reach the 15.2% activation milestone before talking about it to not draw even more opposition and baggage to it. At this point the activation cannot be stopped.

We flipped the activation process up-side-down. Instead of relying on 10 Keepers and 50 Priestesses to ground the high-frequency energies, we’ve plugged the crystals into a fully activated crystal in a higher Universe to boost it, and have opted to brute-force the activation because all the warnings have already been given and those who haven’t waken up will still hold their ground no matter what. So, brute-force activation it is. I’m getting support from the Counsel of the Crystals in that higher Universe — it’s good to have potent support for once.

The activation started 3-4 weeks ago and is now at 15.2%. It is absolutely obliterating the old power structures of the matrix, going at a very slow but gradual pace and crushing any resistance in its path.

At first I was holding the task of all 60 Keepers and Priestesses on my own to ground the new energies to get the activation started — DEFINITELY an irregular situation. However the tensions and lack of acceptance of these energies were so brutal that it caused me to vomit. Truth be told, the task of holding the space for the emergence of a new world is best suited for an object, so additional crystals have been placed around the Ergomenon Crystals that transferred that responsibility and weight away from me, and those crystals are fully plugged into the other Universe at full strength. What a relief. Things have been going well afterward — at least here. Lots of ambulances have been passing by of course.

Now there’s another interesting update. The Crystals have chosen CEO Space International, a club of entrepreneurs, to be the vehicle to ground these high-frequency energies. It is a club of leaders who, for the most part, want to lead society forward and who want to lead the emergence of better ways of doing, instead of pushing forward the left-overs of the old ways. 10 years ago CEO Space had a vibration of 513, but over the recent years it got infiltrated and corrupted by Cabal agents and was infested with mind-control Archons. The vibration then went down to -100, which means that even though the founder wants it to be a temple of God, it actually blocks the flow of God instead of being a vehicle for it. Yet it is the space with the most potential for the task.

GIN (Global Information Network) had a vibration of 613 until it got infiltrated and owned by the Cabal, and now has a vibration of -315 and has little potential to recover until Kevin Trudeau comes out of jail. It would have been the second-best vehicle. The Church of Mormons is another space where servants of God can grow and collaborate, and is the only one I know that hasn’t been corrupted, but it hasn’t been chosen by the crystals for this task.

The core energetic structures of CEO Space have already been absorbed by the crystals and the power structures are being completely overridden. You can count 3 days before it ramps up the voltage. For those involved — fasten your seat-belt. The activation can’t be stopped at this point. The Cabal now holds 0% energetic influence over the club, the Crystals hold 50% energetic influence and the members hold 50% influence, as the crystals auto-tune themselves in such a way.

This is the rebirth of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

The story is just getting started.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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