I want to talk about a topic that has been on my mind for a while but never talked about: soft vs hard energy work. Both have their benefits, and both are very different. It will help put the various methodologies into context. Remote Cell Reprogramming, which I may rename Remote Cell Harmonizer, is soft energy work, while Crystals Amplifier is hard energy work. Both are ascension technologies, but they have very different uses.

Soft energy work means uplifting energies in a non-disruptive way, and thus is easy to integrate and apply into environments and situations that may not be receptive to higher energies. Reiki, EFT and Ho’oponopono are soft energy methodologies, so is Remote Cell Reprogramming/Harmonizer. The beauty of a flower and the smile of a baby are soft healing. Anyone can appreciate their benefits no matter where they’re at spiritually.

Hard energy work means working with higher voltages of Light that doesn’t leave space for BS and darkness. Hard energy work is a lot more threatening to dark forces and draws a lot more energetic attacks in return — but that’s also where the real work is being done. Building a vision requires hard energy work, be it in asserting yourself, disrupting the marketplace or leading teams, which all have hard energetic impacts. The Alchemy work I teach to coaching clients is hard energy work. Crystals Amplifier works with high voltages and is hard energy work. Hard energy work has a more disrupting impact because strong light cannot mix with darkness. All old paradigms must fall apart for the true Light to take roots. This is really where the real game is being played in terms of ascension, but hard energy work isn’t for everybody either.

So I would say, soft energy work is great for 98.4% of the population, and 1.6% may be ready for hard energy work. In that sense, both have their place, and you have to find the right tool to help people where they’re at.

Another question that came in is how long one should use Remote Cell Reprogramming. It boosts who you already are, accelerates your ascension and improves your physical health. Why would you not want that on a continual basis? If you’re growing at a pace of 20% per month in this phase of ascension, why not instead grow at 30% per month using continual support? It shouldn’t be viewed as a crutch. It will simply accelerate everything in a non-intrusive way. One of the main benefits of Remote Cell Reprogramming is that it is spiritually non-intrusive, meaning it won’t clash with your beliefs nor your path, but simply solidify you so you can feel more at peace. I really see no reason to not use it long-term — but you can pause it at any time if you want.

That’s all for now, talk later.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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