Trump just launched 100 missiles on Syria, and Israel launched an attack on Iran. This brings a lot of confusion and questions, so I want to share my perspective on it.

I’ve said it from the start, Trump is a reflection of the consciousness of America. It is a population who for the most part haven’t learnt the lessons that needed to be learnt. That’s a lot better than Hillary who is a reflection of the consciousness of the Cabal. Trump understands the hidden corrupt power structures and wants to dismantle them.

Beyond that, what is Trump’s secret agenda? It may come as a surprise… or not: America 1st. He believes in duality between nations, and wants to restore the superiority of America over other nations. I believe the attack on Syria is a way to secure the interests and assets of America in the world.

Accuracy check so far: 99.7%

Trump did this of his own free will and stands by his actions in Syria. Many Americans also support ensuring America remains superior to the rest of the inferior world, as that’s the only way they know of living life. Note that the Cabal is also playing on this duality, by attacking white people and especially white Christians simply for being white through media. With the media and Cabal trying to destroy white Americans, it only reinforces the will to keep America strong and to maintain its superiority. I’m not saying either side is right, I’m saying both sides are part of the same duality and are reinforcing each other.

Over time, this may be known as the Pedestal of Death of America.

Putin understands that we live in an inter-connected world and need to consider other people’s interest as much as our own. I think Putin and Trump have the same agenda of killing the Old World Order, however they have different visions as to who gets what influence as the world reorganizes itself — and they are not friends in that regards.

Accuracy check of last 3 paragraphs: 100%

I’m careful about making predictions about the future because the timing of my past predictions was way off, but this could very well be the beginning of everything I’ve warned about.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from politics and take a deep breathe. How much do you know about the metaphysical forces that govern this world, and that govern your world?

As for the Ergomenon Activation Phase 1, it is progressing very well, currently at 50.4%. The whole activation (7 phases) will take just over a hundred years, and its activation means the assertion of Heaven on Earth. Because the population is in massive opposition to such change, it means it will come with great chaos.

If you find yourself caught up in the energetic chaos and psychic storms, I do provide a lot of support in this area, particularly with Crystals Amplifier and Soul Alignment Reading, and 1-on-1 coaching also being available for deeper work.

I’m a bit surprised by this sudden turn of events, but what’s coming really shouldn’t come as a surprise, the signs have been there all along. There might be a bit more to it but I feel this represents 76.4% of the situation.

While the chaos unfolds, will you just sit on your butt and watch or…

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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