Wow, the last article about Contentment or Dharma Spirituality really struck a deep cord. The breakthrough doesn’t end there. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s another breakthrough for those already living their purpose: Conscious Business is about applying spiritual principles to grow a business, although the authenticity of life can be lost in the routine. Dharma Spirituality is about valuing life over work and aligning your business as an extension of your divine purpose which is growth for all.

Those into Conscious Business want to fulfill their purpose in life and play a bigger game. They seek to integrate spiritual principles into their work to make a positive difference in the world. In some way, their work and purpose become their self-identity. It often ends up being their entire lives, at the detriment of their social, creative and intimate lives. They tend to live to work instead of working to live, because of the safety work provides. With all the work that needs to be done and the importance of it, the authenticity and joyfulness of life can easily get lost in the work routine, and the business usually falls slightly off-track from its greater purpose.

Dharma Spirituality, on the other hand, is about valuing life over work. It is about inner transformation to awaken the power to create from within. The primary focus of Dharma Spirituality is to reconnect with the authenticity of life, which includes connecting with the purpose of life. Once that purpose is awaken, it becomes the driving force that propels everything else forward. The business then becomes an extension of that purpose. It becomes a vehicle to enrich the lives of others as well as yours. Growing a business and earning good money is the ONLY way of playing a bigger game and truly helping others grow.

Because the business is a direct extension of the life purpose, it automatically falls perfectly aligned with its divine purpose. The business then has unlimited power in its message and an unlimited potential of growth, because it is the direct expression of an infinite power. Dharma Spirituality is about earning more, living more and spending more. It is about increasing the flow of energy you receive and give to others.

Because of the disconnect and work overload that comes with Conscious Business, it often leads to compromising and sacrificing other desires that are lower priorities, such as relationships, sex, travels, social life, sports, arts and more. On the other hand, because Dharma Spirituality is first about inner alignment and fulfillment, it doesn’t cause overwhelm and doesn’t require sacrificing other areas of life. Your business becomes a reflection of the overflow of the fullness of life you have from within, thus it doesn’t drain any energy from you. It instead becomes a passion that will allow the fulfillment of all other desires.

Dharma Spirituality is about overflowing with life and manifesting every desire into a physical reality. It is not a compartmentalized aspect of life or a tool to grow your business. It instead is a driving force that propels everything else forward. Just imagine how your life would be if you had that inner peace, power and fulfillment, a strong passion of helping others, and you could live opulently and manifest every desire in your free time. How great would that be? Or you can do like me, travel wherever you want, work remotely and make your own schedule from there. The choice is yours. The real question is: what do you truly desire, deep within your heart?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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