I just had a HUGE breakthrough regarding spirituality and the implications are far-reaching if you want to fulfill your desires into a physical reality. This is a bold sexy promise, and it explains why I and Rion have been getting results totally off the charts while many clients got massive internal transformation without reaping the full external rewards in terms of fulfillment of desires.

Here’s the breakthrough. Contentment Spirituality is about removing pains and desires to reach inner peace and stillness. Dharma Spirituality is about removing fears and limitations to fulfill every desire into a physical reality, including the purpose of helping others grow.

Most of what we’re seeing in the spiritual communities right now is about removing pains and desires to reach inner peace and stillness, which I call Contentment Spirituality. If you’re down that path, you may feel like something is missing. You might feel an urge to play a bigger game.

What we’re bringing is a completely different school of thoughts. It’s not Contentment Spirituality, it’s not Conscious Business and it’s not Self-Growth. That is why anyone already enrolled into any of these schools of thoughts had a hard time relating with the value I was bringing.

We’ve been trying to teach it from the perspective of spirituality and self-growth, which cannot work. You cannot get the full extent of the results until you first enroll into the school of thoughts of Dharma Spirituality. Some clients had a hard time integrating the inner transformation because they ended up lost between the world of Contentment Spirituality and Dharma Spirituality without realizing there was a gap in between. They also didn’t know how to view all other teachings out there which are almost exclusively about Contentment Spirituality. Making that clear distinction will make the shift much easier to allow fulfilling all your desires into a physical reality.

Buddhism talks about Dharma but it’s missing the BIG VISION part of it: earning more, living more and spending more. One of those desires is the fulfillment of your life purpose, which is basically this: helping others grow.

This shift in perspective changes the whole game to get a new level of concrete results in this physical life. We didn’t talk about Dharma Spirituality when presenting the upcoming Self-Awakening and Transformation Event in Thailand, and this is a HUGE new concept that will be covered extensively which will bring all the other concepts from a whole new perspective that will allow you to truly achieve your purpose and fulfill your desires.

Despite the high level of the previous event in Medellin, it didn’t include purpose and Dharma Spirituality so this is a whole new perspective that will bring the experience to a whole new level. Your purpose is a catalyst allowing the fulfillment of all your desires. It is high-octane fuel that powers your engine.

Because we could only enroll those who had indirectly bought into the Dharma Spirituality mindset, this greatly limited who we could reach and we still have a few spots for both the men’s event and the women’s event (currently 3 spots in each). Not only will you get profound inner transformation to allow the fulfillment of your desires into a physical reality, but you will also be one of the very few to explore this whole new school of thoughts. In some way you will become one of the founders of this new movement which will explode into the Western world.

The Contentment Spirituality movement is growing exponentially, yet many people are holding back from it because it feels disconnected from their physical desires and concrete life. Dharma Spirituality bridges that gap. Spirituality no longer needs to be a relaxation tool or a compartmentalized aspect of your life. It can now become the driving force that will propel everything else forward.

The events’ sales pages don’t reflect these new breakthroughs (and I’m not going to rewrite them) but you can be sure it will become a core aspect of these events.

To get a head-start in Dharma Spirituality, come to our upcoming event which will be the world’s first event on this new school of thoughts.

For men: http://self-awakening.com/2012_thailand.html
For women: http://www.spiritualselftransformation.com/thailand-event-women

Before clicking the above links or doing anything else, take a deep breathe. There’s a lot to take in, and the concrete implications in your life reach very far. Removing pains does not necessarily bring a joyful and meaningful life. Fulfilling your desires and purpose does.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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