Recently I said I wanted to stop playing the $197 games and go for flat numbers. Listening to the emotional response, however, I might change my mind as it is triggering every bit of emotional baggage my followers have within themselves around money — because a flat number requires them to look at a price directly. They can’t just say “$197 isn’t that much” anymore if they need to look at the flat $200 straight in the eyes. In an ideal world (and with higher prices), people who are serious get annoyed by these $3 or $1 games, but the fact is, most have a shitty relationship with money (for low-priced programs), and that’s what we have to deal with.

Here’s an interesting study I’ve done. I’m sharing it because I think it provides very useful insights. I can’t measure the vibration of a price per se, but I can measure the vibration of the relationship of a group of people with a program’s price. Here I will measure various prices for the Year of Enlightenment program:
– Relationship of ideal clients with price
– Relationship of followers with price
– Commitment of ideal clients
– Commitment of followers

Gold $111/month: 115/92 – 112/84
Gold $149/month: 136/95 – 114/86
Gold $197/month: 243/98 – 113/84
Gold $200/month: 238/95 – 110/82
Gold $2000: 312/214 – 198/24
Gold $2200: 318/215 – 197/25
Gold $2400: 315/214 – 194/27
Platinum $333/month: 118/96 – 194/28
Platinum $397/month: 203/98 – 198/24
Platinum $400/month: 198/95 – 200/23
Platinum $444/month: 193/92 – 198/26
Platinum $4000: 192/82 – 195/24
Platinum $4400: 197/84 – 208/28
Platinum $4800: 195/88 – 211/32
Diamond: $888/month: 412/83 – 412/88
Diamond: $997/month: 403/89 – 414/91
Diamond: $999/month: 408/92 – 418/93
Diamond: $1000/month: 412/86 – 422/95
Diamond: $1111/month: 413/82 – 423/95
Diamond: $10000: 588/611 – 811/98(?)
Diamond: $11000: 598/614 – 813/92 (?)
Diamond: $12000: 593/783 – 818/98(?)

First observation is that there is one constant: most people’s relationship with money sucks. But there is one thing that sucks even more: the level of commitment. Many are more committed to their stories of limitations than to what they’re here to do. Many are also pro-actively creating scarcity for themselves and for others around them. Entitlement could be renamed as money vampires, or rather, money destroyers.

Second thing to observe is that at the Diamond level, I get quality clients who are serious about their work, and working on them helps me with the planetary work and thus is a productive use of my time in the grander scheme.

Third observation is the strange high vibration of non-ideal clients with the $10k-$12k plans. Not sure what this represents.

I don’t want to work with clients whose relationship with the price or level of commitment is below a vibration of 200, and at the Platinum level, it barely reaches that level but it reaches it.

Now the problem is with the Gold level at $197 per month. Sure I can get a bunch of people in it, but the commitment level isn’t suitable for this type of work. A commitment level between 84 and 113 will result in many dropping off within the first four months and not honoring their commitments. This is not a relationship I’m willing to get into.

How can I increase the level of commitment, and improve the relationship with money?

First question is: commitment to what?

At the Gold level, it is a commitment to become an Emergence Warrior, disassociate from the lies and illusions in your life, and stand in the Truth without tolerating any energetic interference using the knowledge being taught. Your first purpose is to live the dysfunctions of society. Your second purpose is to transmute it by transmuting yourself.

At the Platinum level, it is the same commitment, plus a willingness to look deeper into yourself with more direct support. Thus, while a pure group programs allows one to cruise by, the Platinum level requires a commitment to face yourself to expose the deeper truth of yourself, and bring the dysfunctional patterns to the surface so that they can be transmuted.

At the Diamond level, on top of that, it is a commitment to live by the Truth and do what Spirit asks of you. It is a full commitment to live as a servant of God, and to take an active role in liberating the planet from the oppressors and build a new civilization. It is a commitment to stand firm in your light until your specific role reveals itself as the next phase.

Let’s make those readings again after bringing awareness to these commitments.

Gold $197/month: 243/98 – 113/84
Gold $197/month: 245/103 – 118/85
Gold $2200: 318/215 – 197/25
Gold $2200: 344/218 – 214/29
Platinum $397/month: 203/98 – 198/24
Platinum $397/month: 208/105 – 204/29
Platinum $4400: 197/84 – 208/28
Platinum $4400: 204/90 – 211/31
Diamond: $1000/month: 412/86 – 422/95
Diamond: $1000/month: 418/89 – 430/98
Diamond: $11000: 598/614 – 813/92
Diamond: $11000: 603/618 – 812/91

It helps a little… but not that much. Let’s try playing a bit more with prices.
Gold $500 + 10x $197, including Non-Rivalry Powerliminals: 249/104 – 115/88
Platinum: $1000 + 10x $397, including Non-Rivalry Powerliminals: 315/104 – 218/29
Diamond 11x $1111: 615/640 – 513/101

Now with commitment levels of 115, 218 and 513 instead of 110, 200 and 422, it’s a considerable improvement. The $197/month level, however, still poses a problem of under-commitment. I’ll continue meditating for solutions.

In the mean-time, I have updated the pricing structure for the Year of Enlightenment. Are you joining us?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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