A few updates. I mentioned that if 15 people were in for a group program, which I haven’t done for years, I would do it. 10 people said they were in after a single email. A single person follow through on his words. So, I haven’t pushed this forward and instead focused on neutralizing energetic opposition and doing other important work on the energetic planes.

I realized there are a few highly competent people on my Facebook who can do great work to neutralize corruption and free the planet. If you’re looking for targets to work on, here’s what requires the most work right now. Here’s the Cabal’s energetic control over: Australia: 47.8%, Israel: 49.8%, United Arab Emirates: 45.9%, Ukraine: 83.9%, Irak: 86.8%. Their control over USA is only 1.4%, over Canada 1.9%, and over Mexico 6.8%. I’d rather have 5 people do some good job than have 200 ‘healers’ do a group hug.

As for the Soul Alignment Readings, I’m going to tweak the readings. One new energy I’m going to read is Soul Commitment. For my subscribers as a whole, it currently has an average of 0.015%, or a vibration of 24. Entitlement could be considered the opposite of Commitment, as it is a mindset where others must commit to give you what you need. People with entitlement often have a commitment of 30-65. Hobbyists often have a commitment of 25-50. Spiritual people often have a commitment of 2-25 when they commit to non-commitment. 200 can be considered functional.

There are currently just over 2000 subscribers in this list. With an average alignment of 113 and an average commitment of 24, it explains why out of 2000, 10 would say they’re in, and out of 10, 1 would follow through.

Another change I’m doing to the Soul Alignment Readings is that when it is below 5% alignment, I’ll read the energetic frequency in the Hawkins Scale instead of reading in %. For the majority who have 2-5% alignment, telling them that their whole energy is between 2-5% isn’t all that useful, but seeing the actual vibration on the Hawkins Scale might be more meaningful. Reading the alignment in % is more useful when a person is actually at the stage to serve a higher purpose.

This whole topic of commitment will definitely require more investigation and coverage. By discussing about it over Facebook, it became obvious that most don’t even know what commitment means. I wouldn’t know how to best describe it right now either; this will be a topic for a whole other article.

I’m leaving for vacations until the 12th of April so I might be out of touch for the next 2 weeks. As for the Year of Enlightenment group program, it may start once I have 15 people in, but so far that’s not sure at all. There will probably be more activity and interest after my next interview with James Rink is published. Alright, we’ll talk later.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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