Quick update. I warned of a volcano around September 23rd. We got 2 earthquakes in Mexico and 2 volcanoes, one near Mexico City and one in Bali. Unless we see another volcano, these would be the last warnings before deadlier events. Patterns that we’re seeing so far: “events” in the prophecy refer to an energetic wave resulting in a series of events. We got a series of hurricanes, then a series of earthquakes and volcanoes. We can expect things to continue that tendency. Also, FEMA is moving in affected areas, seizing control of territories and murdering people. No matter what causes disasters, we can expect this to continue as well. More on FEMA at the end of this article.

On September 23rd in the morning, a friend sent me a message over Facebook saying he received the message to tell me to watch my back for infiltration. In the evening, someone close to me got severely attacked by Archons. I had never seen or dealt with Archons before, except when starting to work with a client who was having issues with them. They generally avoid being detected and stay far away from me, but not this time. This was a coordinated attack and wasn’t just affecting her, I believe hundreds have been attacked at the same time.

The Archon entered through the back of her neck, her neck and shoulders were itching like crazy and she was bending and screaming all over the place. It wrapped its DNA around her brain and nervous system to try to take control of the target. Then it fuses itself with the DNA of the target. I had never seen anything like that and it was very enlightening. As I was planning to head back to CEO Space after the beginning of the “events”, the energies are still extremely corrupted and out of alignment over there and I couldn’t understand how one of the leaders could have fallen off so far out of alignment. Now it finally makes sense: he got attacked in that exact way and is under Archon’s control. This is one more thing to watch out for.

Interestingly enough, the game Starcraft has Dark Archons with the Mind Control ability: “Protoss are able to use mind control. Judicators could use their powers to subtly influence the minds of other creatures. Dark archons however, through an immense expenditure of energy, are able to project a portion of their psychic essence into another being, gaining control over its actions and access to its memories.” The description fits perfectly with what I’ve seen.

Other Orion worlds told me they were also having issues with the Archons and would launch an all-on offensive shall I give the order. After discussion with the Federation of Light, everybody agreed for a full-on offensive against the Archons and their 46 inhabited planets. In this video, he talks of the “dragon in the sky” from the Bible prophecy regarding September 23rd and how Google went out of their way to mask it out of Google Sky, and you can still see it in raw satellite view. The dragon constellation is an Archon constellation with 6 of their planets.

There has been a full-on offensive from 800+ Orion planets against 46 Archon planets, with the Galactic Federation joining in. 2 days later, the 46 planets are 95-98% psychically destroyed. This was brutal. We’re still chasing off 8000 rogue Archons on our planet. They are masters of stealth and mind control, and finding their hidden pockets of powers may be a challenge.

Now in regards to FEMA camps. The information I got from the Planetary Counsel of Light is this. Amount of people killed in:
– Texas (Harvey): 5315
– Florida (Irma): 115
– Puerto Rico (Maria): 15612

Of these, how many are
– victims of hurricane and flood
– killed by civilians
– killed by FEMA or government forces?

Texas: 4.2% / 0.6% / 95.2%
Florida: 93.5% / 0.5% / 6.0%
Puerto Rico: 4.3% / 0.5% / 95.2%

Note that Puerto Rico is in total black-out so we’re not hearing anything out of the island. As for Texas, nobody is allowed out of FEMA camps unless someone picks them up, and the media is completely silent about those camps, so we only hear bits and pieces here and there from people who were there.

As someone pointed out, whether the numbers I got are accurate or not, a lot of people agree with those and came to the same conclusions. In fact, a lot of people have been warning about this exact scenario for many years.

The sad truth is, blaming and complaining isn’t reducing the death count. Most people were caught by surprise, had no preparation and had no plan B. Those addicted to being victims remain victims. Those who survive are those who instead decide to embrace their power of creation to create solutions.

Why is this happening? Since the population still support the slavery system we live in, the Beast must reveal its true form before vanishing. This 4-year cycle is the only way the population will let it go.

Edit: Now *THIS* is the volcano I was expecting, with unprecedented seismic activity

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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