In 2015, there was an intensification of the psychic war with the Dracos, about 6 months of intensive energy work where I could barely do any work on the business, and then a series of spaceships being shot down (strange fireballs in the sky). The Dracos got eradicated and we moved into a new phase where the main energetic challenge is the denial from spiritualists and lack of spiritually-aligned leadership to replace the collapsing old power structures.

Fast-forward into 2017, and we’re moving once against into a new phase. Denial is no longer the primary factor creating reality in America. Denial has become irrelevant. Old paradigms are getting tipped over by new energies asserting themselves and the prophecised “events” are starting. Once again, we’re seeing a series of strange fireballs in the sky, most likely ships being shot down, in San Diego, Vancouver, Russia, and Calgary.

As I gave severe warnings to either step into alignment or get out of the way, in the United States, there has been 0.2% increase in alignment and 69% increase in people getting in the way. Bad idea, they’ll get crushed by the tsunami of energies. The way things are heading, the denial is transmuting into direct and violent opposition. As a new field of consciousness is asserting itself, I started receiving direct energetic attacks from the population, including from lightworkers, and this is going to amplify. As everybody is playing the victim and blaming the “events” on the New World Order, they’re battling against the energetic shifts instead of integrating them. It looks like this will become the context for the next 4 years or so, until the “California event”.

What I’m seeing in 4 years is more of a metaphysical event, an energetic landslide in the California area where many lightworkers of false light are going to die, and this will resolve the situation with the “yellow dragons” energetic parasites infestation. I’ll have to prepare myself for those next 4 years that will be very chaotic.

This will require a great intensitifcation of the work because the population holds much greater power of creation than the Cabal who was controlling them.

As I haven’t been able to get any work done on my business for the past 4-6 months, I want to thank my high-end clients as they are the ones who allow me to survive financially during such periods.

Perhaps I could steal some of Georges Soros’ techniques. I could hijack existing movements by creating movements called United Against Ascension and Victims United, and then redirect the energy into a more productive direction from there. As someone pointed out, I have to make it sound as if it’s good, like Lightworkers Against the Ascension Psy-Op and Victims Against Victimhood.

There’s a sharp curve ahead, and everything is unfolding as expected. We’re almost reading off a script. We’re right on-track with the text I channeled 18 months ago, and the Bible also describes the upcoming events in very explicit terms and we’re right on track with that too, and it presents different aspects. If you take both texts, you really get a clear idea of what’s coming and where we’re heading. We just have to let nature run its due course while we run off the script.

Let’s just see how this new phase evolves.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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