This is a message from Izael, Commander of the Archangels. We have been very busy clearing up the energetic space for the live event experience that Etienne has been tasked with hosting. Here’s what the energetic landscape looks like right now. We’re at a tipping point to transition from a world where Heaven and Earth had always been separate into a world where Heaven and Earth are one and the same. All of the established psychic and mental structures of both Heaven and Earth are being shaken during this transition.

Do you know what will emerge? Peace and harmony for those who chose to create it, and war and chaos for those who chose to create it. Everybody must learn from their own lessons that they reap what they sow, and interfering with this learning process would only make things worse. What seeds are you planting now? We’re entering an energetic phase where the soil is very fertile to plant new ideas that will replace old ones. Now more than ever is the time to plant your seeds. Sure those seeds may take a year to grow, or maybe two years or maybe ten years, but you will only get the results of the seeds you plant now.

Old social structures are collapsing. This will create chaos. Very few ever wanted to follow Etienne through the psychic war, and those who did wished their path and purpose was easier and smaller. Yet within two weeks he will for the most part finally rise above that chaos while the rest of the world will fall into chaos as it adapts to an emerging reality. At that point, many will finally seek help from Etienne, not directly to live their greater purpose, but to get out of the chaos, and they will uncover their own soul and purpose along the way. This is the path of least resistance, and this law will start turning into Etienne’s favor soon.

We’re transitioning from a world dictated by the laws of men into a world dictated by the laws of God. Not ‘God’ as an entity that has rules and agendas, but God as in source consciousness, the greater intelligence that follows a series of laws that determine the nature and function of life itself. Old structures that are out of alignment are falling apart. Even healers and shamans who are out of alignment are falling on their faces. And this has barely begun yet.

Now, for the Live Event Experience that Etienne is hosting on June 16-17th in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the purpose is for you to find yourself and to find your place within this world. There are many deep secrets within you that have yet to be discovered that explain in great parts your journey through life up to this point, and that help you understand your path and direction from now on.

Many of you are concerned about the basic logistics of your life. As long as you keep doing the same and focus on your own egoistic needs, you will continue to struggle, and perhaps increasingly so. When you instead serve God by living your purpose, God takes care of you and gives you everything you need along the journey. It actually takes a lot more energy and it is a lot more painful to make yourself small than to accept your greatness. You may think it is safer but that’s only an illusion. Playing small and taking care of your egoistic needs is known, not safer. Everybody talks about what they want to receive from the Universe. Nobody wants to give to the Universe. Yet try this. Try giving to the Universe by serving its greater purpose, just for one day. See what happens.

Many also want to know more about the logistics. Etienne will be teaching you Alchemy energy work and will be working on you from 10am until past midnight for two days. Beyond that, whatever happens is what needs to happens. Whatever comes up is what needs to be addressed. The focus is not on knowledge or information. The focus is on you. Thus, creating a more detailed schedule would be counter-productive to the flow of the awakening process. If you’re read The History of the Universe, you’ll know that there is a lot more going on than what meets the eyes.

As some of you aren’t traveling every month, here are a few tips for travel logistics. Look on for plane tickets. It will search all airlines with flexible dates (+/- 3 days) as prices can easily double from one day to the next. For hotels, some options are The Pawin for 700 baht per night ($20), TR Residence for 640-800 baht per night, or if you want something more upscale, there is this room available for 3800 baht per day ($107). Do keep in mind, however, that you’ll be out of your room almost the entire day.

As of right now, there are 3 spots taken and 3 spots left. You can view all the details here although the details have already been covered pretty well in this communication. Contact Etienne to reserve your spot.

You’re thinking… “yeah but…” And you know what? Your but’s will kick you in the butt. Don’t be the one who lets opportunities slip by when you know it is there for you.

You can make it for $1000, 3 payments of $360 or 5 payments of $240.

End of transmission.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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