The previous article Transcending Mental Spirituality did cause a lot of silence. It also did bring up some good questions. First, I’ve often been told that I was a very mental person so how does this fit with it? Then, the Ergomenon Crystals contain the collective mental knowledge and wisdom of Orion so how does that powerful mental knowledge fit with transcending the mental? This is a very complex topic and I will leave it to Metatron to explain.

This is Metatron, Senior of the Archangels. For the first question regarding Etienne having a strong mental, view it this way. All of his energetic systems are very strong and immune. Yes he has strong masculine mental structures, and his feminine intuitive side is even stronger. The reason various people comment on his mental is because they feel the frictions between his mental structure and their beliefs or avoidance of beliefs. Then, what are his mental structures composed of? These are energetic structures shaped into form in the collective co-creative field. We could define a belief as a disconnection from that mental co-creative field. When you have a belief, you have a local thought in your brain. When connect to the field of consciousness, you pick up global thoughts and emit global thoughts that affect the world.

Which brings us to the second question about the Ergomenon Crystals. What are they, really? We can view it as a hard drive containing mental knowledge and wisdom. Math and science are mental knowledge, at least the parts of science that are true and rooted in absolute truth. “The sky is blue” is mental knowledge, and knowing the reason why it appears blue is deeper mental knowledge, and understanding the quantum physics behind the elements is even deeper mental knowledge. There are many layers of depth that can be attained in the understanding of the world. When you connect to a truth, you connect to its field of consciousness. When you connect with that field of consciousness, you connect to a fragment of source consciousness. Thus, the Ergomenon Crystals correspond to the mental plane but do not contain beliefs systems. They contain a collection of fragments of source consciousness that has become self-aware through billions of years of evolution. Wisdom, on the other hand, is knowing what to do with the knowledge.

To sum it up, it’s important to understand the difference between information, beliefs and knowledge.

Information is data. The internet is full of data and most of it is inaccurate or meaningless. Information is not beliefs and it is not knowledge.

Beliefs are local mental structures that are disconnected from the greater mental plane. They are part of your false ego that is disconnected from the Universe.

Knowledge is a fragment of consciousness that has become self-aware. Knowledge is universal and transcends cultures, time and space. The knowledge that is true today will also be true in a million years at the other side of the Universe. Knowledge that is true for me is also true for you, as it is universal.

The mental plane is very important. Where it gets to be a problem is when it is accompanied with a disconnection from the body, which creates a great disbalance that impacts health and many aspects of life. When your roots and your heart are just as strong as your mental, however, they can work together in very powerful ways.

The other question is: how do you know if something is a false belief or true knowledge? Muscle testing is a great way to distinguish and deepen the truth by asking the greater intelligence of your body. If the concept is connected to the field of consciousness, your body is stronger. If it is a belief in your local mind, your body is weaker.

Then, there are various characteristics to knowledge. First, it applies no matter the context and no matter the location through time and space. Second, it sets you free. If it doesn’t set you free, it is not the ultimate truth. Third, it has no exception. If it appears to apply in 99% of cases and then not in some other situation, it may indicate that there is a deeper truth within the truth that has yet to be uncovered.

That being said, on average, around 6% of what people believe worldwide is actually true. Thus, you’ve most likely dealt mostly with beliefs your entire life. The reason most do not practice muscle testing to validate the truth is because the results are too divergent from their beliefs of reality for their mind to accept the answer. Once you recognize that the society you life in is a house of cards built on lies and that it would collapse the moment people stop imposing those lies onto others, you become free to drop all kinds of illusions and you can start exploring the truth of reality from within.

All knowledge is available from within, that’s another characteristic. You can download knowledge about anything from the Universe.

This really is only an introduction to the topic and there’s a lot more that could be covered to deepen at least a dozen aspects mentioned. We’ll have to leave it here for now, this is already enough to process.

End of transmission.

Etienne: WOW! Thanks.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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