Just had a Category 2 hurricane here in Playa del Carmen yesterday. It went pretty smooth, everything is fine. That one was energetically intense! Tulum went from a vibration of -65 billion to a vibration of -9768. The hurricane brought a cleansing of very deep energetic structures!

Wanted to update about the current status, since a LOT has been happening. The army of walk-ins that I talked about last week, they were completely surrounded and infiltrated by Thoth. He was to use them as hooks to come in, then gradually merge timelines around them to corrupt them and us at the same time. There’s been an extremely big battle against Thoth’s army. That group withdrew to focus on themselves. First they have to survive that Thoth assault, then re-evaluate the whole situation, and they’re welcome to come back after.

Thoth managed to get 13% infiltration in my subconscious mind without me realizing! 13% of Earth globally, with deeper infiltration in some people. I got to give him credit for that. As of right now, he still has 1.5% infiltration on Earth, 12.4% on that army from last week (down from 55%!). It’s not over but the immediate threat is dealt with.

I was digging hardcore into the timelines issues. There is still 1 billion years worth of timeline mess!!!

One person has lymph nodes that are hooks/implants coming from very deep into that timeline mess. Doing the Gemstone Reading on her daughter, it’s the first time the herbal extracts hit a wall they can’t deal with. This indicates a very big stronghold remains down there. Things aren’t over but we’re progressing so damn fast.

Meanwhile, in the news, Biden and the whole democratic party got slaughtered in the debate, Julian Assange got freed, Macron got defeated to LePen in France, WEF is having scandals including sexual harassment. By the way, I’m not finding the WEF energetically anymore. It already died and we can expect it to fade from physical existence within a year.

Now, I was wondering how starseeds will react to these changes. I realized that the majority will just spiral down into oblivion.

% of starseeds who will NOT spiral down
– Pleiadians: 0.75%
– Syrians: 0.82%
– Arcturians: 0.00%
– Annunaki: 12.4%

I’d say, f*** them. It’s not a boat worth rescuing.

It’s amazing how much one’s destiny is determined by their soul family.

There were previously 50K Orion souls on Earth, and after waves of walk-ins, we now have 155K. Last night, I stumbled upon a group of Orion souls that were drifting in time and space. 3 million of them. They’re a bit different, they look more tribal/native. Looks like they’ve been drifting away ever since Orion got destroyed 12300 years ago. 500K will come here as walk-ins. That’s a big deal, bringing our numbers from 135K to 635K.

We need the Orion souls to awaken, as a second wave.

We need to seal up and separate the Pleiadians/Arcturians/Sirius, while activating and connecting Orions.

We won’t let the impostors own the spiritual space anymore.

There’s also the Lyrians, but the Orions are a lot tankier than the Lyrians. If I talk directly to the Orions, the Lyrians will come too. It’s not worth trying to language myself for the other starseeds. My tribe is the Orions, Lyrians and a few other rarities.

This is the time to flex my muscles, both with the deep state and with the starseed impostors.

% of necessary work done:
– Sealing impostors: 11.4%
– Separating impostors: 8.9%
– Activating Orions: 4.2%
– Connecting Orions: 1.6%

This is progressing slowly but it’s already having MASSIVE impact. There’s just a LOT to be done. For starseed impostors, got to split them up into separate timelines. God will give them 6 opportunities to come back and that’s it.

As for Alobar Jones and Jason Estes, they are still active, but got locked out of important timelines. Alobar currently has 1.5% access to important timelines, and Jason 2.0% access. They do not seem to be a major threat at this point, but definitely an annoyance for those still in bad timelines. They may seem to be doing fine but their timelines are a dead-end.

About Alchemist Gems, some might think that I come into the over-saturated supplements market. I disagree. I’m coming into the unknown Herbal Alchemy market, which is an entirely different league. The high-vibration jewelry also stands in a category of its own.

Talking to other starseeds would be a waste of time. Talking to normies would be like 2.4% good at this point; 12.6% in 1 year. That means I’m only concerning myself with Orions and Lyrians with these products.

I was thinking, what funnel can I create to draw these people in? How about this book: The Second Awakening – The Alchemist’s Path.

I think an audio-book, similar to the Force of Life, would have higher perceived value, and the audio would bring more connection and impact.

I’d like to have your opinion on something. One marketer shared that very few people who opt-in actually consume the free product. He recommends various tactics like setting a time-limit to consume the information to keep it. He also advises against setting time delays like “come back tomorrow” as it pushes it into forget-land. This is definitely more true for more generic products like online marketing.

For you specifically, and for Orion/Lyrian starseeds, for an audio-book like The Second Awakening, would you follow through a series of audios or might delay and forget about it? Would having a few days between audios increase the drop-rate, or is your desire strong enough to follow through? Would using tactics like he suggests be productive or appear manipulative and counter-productive?

Talk soon!

Accuracy check: 97.5%, distortion 1.3%, 1.2%, 0.5% (measure it yourself).

There is a considerable 2.5% inaccuracy here. If someone can scan paragraph by paragraph, you can detect where the inaccuracy lies and post it in the comments.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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