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Recently, Corey Goode got a message from the Avians that many destructive events had been edited out of our reality through time travels, and that is why we haven’t been seeing much major events happening. He explained it in this episode of Cosmic Disclosure.

Today I’m receiving a similar message, but with more details.

The people performing these time travels are the same who are performing the abductions: mostly the Secret Space Programs run by the Germans in cooperation with various governments. This is where all the US tax money goes.

Here’s the way abductions work. It mostly uses 3 technologies: portals, time travel, and memory veils. They’ve done it twice in front of my eyes. Heck, I would even have a video of it if I was recording my Skype call. Here’s what the procedure looks like. First, they physically portal the victim to their base. Second, they perform whatever operations they want to perform, sometimes assigning them on missions for weeks or months. Third, they install memory veils and screen memories so that the victim forgets. Fourth, they time travel him back to the moment they took him. From an outside perspective, there is a feeling of “tuning out”, but besides that it looks like if nothing had happened, except that his energy is different and sometimes there are physical marks on the body.

Note: if they can’t synchronize the victim’s energy to their vibration level, they can’t open the portal. This means that once someone has energetically broken free and has taken back control of their minds, they can’t be abducted by these people. That’s why almost all victims are chipped and are constantly under surveillance.

Now, time travel is also being used to alter events taking place. This fragmentation of the timeline causes the Mandala Effect.

There are however becoming unable to control the outcome of events anymore. Trump being elected is a proof of that. They attempted to travel back in time to alter it three times and the outcome got worse for them each time. Why?

Here’s the thing with time travels. Reality is being created through our co-creative consciousness. It is not only being created through space but also through time. If someone travels back in time, they lose the grounding of their reality, but then can change events if they can alter the collective field of creation enough. Certain events have just too much collective energies behind them to be altered. If they bump into someone whose energy of creation is protected or immune through time and space, however, they lose their ground and cannot take it back. That is what is happening increasingly, and time travel then becomes of limited use to alter events.

The Secret Space Programs operations are currently being crippled. They’re going through all kinds of challenges during this transition period. Abductions are becoming difficult. Victims are breaking free and are starting to remember. They lost control of their mind control network. Some of their power allies are falling in battle. The list goes on and on.

Soon, they will become unable to perform abductions, or to a very limited extend. Time travels to alter events will also cease at the same time.

Here’s a consequence of that: major catalyst events that are being edited out of our collective experience will no longer be edited out of our timeline.

We’re at a point in evolution where the population will only accept changes by first going through major catalyst events. I’m fully aware that this is unavoidable. This explains why such events haven’t been happening for years, and this also means it will start soon. We’ll get to experience the result of our own creative power without external interference. That is the only way to start realizing what we are creating so that we can eventually learn to harness our own power of collective creation.

Accuracy check: 92.63%

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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