Breaking news: the Great Pyramids of Egypt have been reactivated. Thanks to millions of beings for taking part of this initiative, including 15 beings from beyond this Universe, including one from 170 Universes above us (!?).

A bit of background information. The pyramids were built by the Lyrians, who were cat-like beings. I recently got into contact with the Emperor of Lyria over Facebook who had no idea of who he was and whose mind and energy was completely locked. Metatron couldn’t remove that deadlock. I couldn’t remove that deadlock. Beings from 6 Universes above us couldn’t remove that deadlock. Beings from 30 Universes above us couldn’t either. Someone from 170 Universes above us came to unbind that impossible grid. So, what happened, and what were the pyramids for? Time for answers.

The three main pyramids of Giza have the layout of the 3 stars of the Orion Belt, which indicates a clear connection. First off, this isn’t technology from this Universe. This was the Orion Defense Grid that anchored the Light into this Universe. The Pyramids on Earth served as portals to connect the Earth to the defense grid.

Then what happened? 30000 years ago, Atman (more about him in The History of the Universe) created this deadlock grid to take down the protection grid. He’s the only one who could have done such a thing. Apparently we were interfering with his experiments. 200 years later, the Dracos (referred to “the dark dimensions” in Dr. Strange movie) swept over the home land of Lyria and completely destroyed it. The destruction of the main planet of Orion 12300 years ago was thus a direct follow-up to the sequence of events initiated by Atman’s actions. This also explains the gradual decline of the empire before its destruction by the Dracos.

Today, the Dracos are defeated (the metaphysical forces), and the Orion Defense Grid has been reactivated. If you tune into the energy connecting these three stars, it is an extremely powerful beam of energy that tunes into infinity on the Hawkins Scale. It pulverizes any darkness touching it. The Pyramids of Egypt are now connected to that grid and it reaches down to the core of Gaia.

You can use this defense grid for healing. If you feel dark energies cluttering your mind or energy, connect them to the 3 stars or to the 3 pyramids and it will clear it up instantly.

Meanwhile, 6000 former worlds of Orion sealed themselves off from the external world after the destruction of the Orion Federation 12300 years ago. Many of them have now broken their seal and are now protecting and serving the light with the most advanced star-fleet in the Universe. Earth won’t reconnect with these other worlds until in about 100 years, but once we do, they will be ready to work with us.

The Orion Federation is officially re-birthing from its ashes.

And for the Cabal: Check-mate, mate. Energies are now shifting at free fall speed.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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