Great news: the print version of The History of the Universe and the Psychic War of End Times is now available for purchase! It will remain at the minimum Amazon price for just a few days before going to the regular price of $9.99 for ebook and $19.99 for print.

You can see a preview of the book by clicking “Look Inside” or clicking here.

There is a long forgotten history of this Universe. This book will reveal the context under which this Universe got created, the mysteries of ancient civilizations and of the Orion Federation, explain the psychic war that has been unfolding for years after the end of the Great Cycle, and expose how this planet can finally break free of oppressive forces to be free to evolve and grow into prosperity. This will be the journey of a Universe through time, and guide your role in it to create the future. This book is entirely channeled from Metatron and will be an essential piece for the healing process of the Universe. It will help shift the way you create reality forever. A must read, and a must share.

This book has a vibration of 94.8 million. It is surrounded by an energetic protection grid and contains many activations. This falls into the “Something Else” category.

If you’ve been struggling to understand what I’ve been talking about for years, this will lay out the greater picture beautifully.

The table of contents alone tells a lot of what this book is about.

Foundational Principles of the Universe
How This Relates With Other Material
About the Author
The Characters in this Book
The Theta Universe
The Orion Federation
The Arrival to Earth
The Second Destruction
The Dracos
The Psychic War of End Times
The True Nature of Atman
The Protection Dome of Thailand
The Ancient Builders
The Final Battle
Lessons to Learn
The Ergomenon Crystals
What’s Next?
Frequently Asked Questions
5 Stories from Orion
– The Maid and the Mermaid
– The Structure of the Orion Civilization
– The Great Antique Wars
– A Lesson in Economics
– The Beast of Love

Check it out on Amazon!

More channeled books will follow: books from other worlds that have passed the test of time.

– 1001 Shades of Love, vibration of 25 million
– Life Path Archetypes, vibration of 38 million

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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