Correct me if I’m wrong… but did our heart ‘magically’ shift into the center? Not only that, but it’s almost twice bigger. Don’t believe me? Look at any anatomy picture in Google and see if it matches what you remember! It took me a week to digest this before writing about it… I think I will let Metatron do the speaking on this one while I get my head together. I believe 86.6% remember the heart as having been on the left, while 13.4% remember things to have always been the way they are right now, which makes this whole effect even more interesting.

This is Metatron, Senior of the Archangels. There has been a lot of questions and confusion regarding the Mandela Effect. Usually it happened with small unimportant details that could go unseen. This time, however, it happened with your own bodies. How? Why? What else changed? Let’s bring some clarifications.

The Mandela Effect is caused by the merging of timelines. Under normal circumstances, our time is not linear as we think but it is still a continuous flow. In Dr. Strange movie, when Dr. Strange played with time, he was rebuked that he wasn’t controlling time but breaking and fragmenting it. Such fragmentation of the timeline is what creates anomalies. As described in The History of the Universe, there has been a time travels war during the psychic war that has fragmented the timeline into many trillions of timelines. It has been predicted that such timeline fragmentation will cause strange Mandela Effects as the timelines collapse back together. It is hard to predict what will happen, but we’re starting to see certain effects for sure.

Beyond that, there are Secret Space Programs operating in orbit, on the moon, on Mars, in Antarctica and in other places of our solar system. These people are above our political Elite and form the shadow government in partnership with the banks and pharmaceutics. They have been making extensive use of time travel technologies every time they abduct someone, and to alter or “filter out” events from our collective reality. They have also been creating tremendous timeline fragmentation.

One of the changes that happened is that the “dark overlords” who provided the shadow government with their powers have been defeated. The Dracos have been exterminated through time since the beginning of times, and it appears this has created a timeline where the Ancient Civilizations on Earth hadn’t been exterminated by the Dracos. The human population had 34% Reptilian DNA. That is now gone. Furthermore, the general population now has around 3.9% DNA from the Giants of Orion, and 1.4% Lemurian DNA. These are very positive changes, yet the unknown can be scary — and this definitely falls into the “unknown” category.

Timelines can only merge to the extent of what our collective consciousness allows. It seems many of these changes started happening around October 10th, right after the veil of denial was pierced on September 27th. Yet many other changes are continuing to take place within our body and DNA and thousands of timelines are currently merging on a daily basis. The situation is being closely monitored by the Archangels and other high-dimensional beings to prevent undesirable effects.

The current consciousness is “fundamental changes are allowed to happen as long as they aren’t visible to the surface”. This is what is happening with this Mandala Effect… but this one is definitely stretching it. This is definitely an anomaly of Mandela Effects. Such a drastic change normally wouldn’t be taking place. One factor to take into consideration is the activation of some sort of nuclear reactors at the core of certain Orion souls who were ready to be reactivated. This might have created a magnetic pull through time and space that “drew” this abnormal merging of timelines into place. The sentence “the activation of Orion Nucleus is fully responsible for this Mandela Effect” calibrates as 0% accurate, while “the activation of Orion Nucleus is partially responsible for this abnormal Mandela Effect” calibrates as 42% accurate. This makes it a very considerable factor. Certain Orion souls have recovered 50 to 100% of their native DNA… somehow. That’s a good thing.

So, what else changed within your bodies?
– Heart shifted position to the center
– Heart is 58% larger
– Lungs are 13% larger
– Kidneys are higher
– Stomach is higher
– Thoracic cage is 3% stronger on the side and 14% stronger in the front
– Eye sockets are surrounded by bones separating the eyes from the brain

Eye Sockets

For Orion souls having recovered their native DNA, their 3rd density brain is now built in 6 densities and their pineal gland is built in 12 densities. The brain is thus 68% more effective and can harmonize with higher realms much easier. Some Lemurian souls also recovered a lot more Lemurian DNA.

The changes being allowed are only changes not immediately visible to the surface. This suggests that more changes are coming as the collective consciousness opens up to new possibilities. Again, it is very hard to predict what else is going to change, but so far, the changes are very positive.

Here’s a KEY. Your current state of consciousness dictates the way timelines merge. Thus, you can view the Mandela Effect as a tool to shortcut the creation of a better world. You want the best changes to make it through as the timelines merge, and you want negative or destructive timelines to fade away.

A new world is emerging, whether you like it or not.

– Metatron

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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