Stillness is about transcending your ego. The force of life is about connecting with your true essence. The difference between both is the greatest unsolved mystery keeping most spiritual people penny-less and keeping most others away from spirituality. It is the biggest “unconscious avoidance” value conflict that everybody has in some form or another. It’s worth exploring this deeper.

Traditional spirituality and stillness meditation is about transcending your ego. The goal is to silence your mind and detach yourself from any self-identity in order to be fully in the present moment without any attachment to the past or to the future. This brings an enlightened state of peace and oneness with the universe. Just think about Buddha or Tibetan monks.

Connecting with your true essence means to be fully connected and aligned with your emotions, physical body and sexuality to bring more life to all those around you. It has much more grounded presence and motion to it. Rock-stars are very connected to their true essence, so are conscious entrepreneurs. They are people who have a big vision and who want to have a positive impact on the people around them and in the world.

When you look at these two facets of life for what they really are, you can think of every single conscious person you know and put them in either one of these 2 categories. There are currently very few people on the planet who are fully connected to both. This is one of the greatest guarded secrets that is keeping the world divided and polarized.

However, for people living one facet of life, the other facet is a “subconscious avoidance” value conflict.

Subconscious Avoidance: This is when something related to truth, freedom or abundance is in a blind spot and you never really pay attention to it. I cannot quote an example because those in that situation cannot talk about their blind spots. When facing an opportunity related to something they avoid, they don’t know how to process it, are just confused, can’t articulate what’s going on and will just walk back silently. An example would be someone who gets plenty of training on personal development and goals achievement but knows nothing about the meanings of “being”, “presence” and “authenticity.”

Symptoms: Confusion, silence, hearing crickets, withdrawal.

Transcending your ego is about “letting go of”. Connecting with your true essence is about “letting go into”.

If you want to live abundantly and function within society in a conscious way, it is very important to connect with both facets: active and passive. You can recognize if you’re in a “subconscious avoidance” value conflict if your mind is running in all directions right now. You know what peace of mind looks like, so you can also recognize when you’re not in that state.

Then you might wonder how to bridge both sides. Don’t try to fix it. Just be aware of the truth of your current reality. When you’re able to look at your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots without trying to change or fix them, you are in a centered and grounded place that will allow it to transform. Blind spots cannot remain in place when you look at them from a place of stillness.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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