In the last articles, I talked about what value conflicts are, and the difference between your true essence and your false ego. Too often, when transcending their false ego, spiritual people also disconnect from their true ego/essence.

I will also say this: values are part of your false ego. Values are when your conscious mind values one thing less than another and create a separation between them. When you are in your true essence, you are simply standing in your truth which is unique for each individual and for each path. You are fully standing in your truth when you fully value truth and reality on all levels.

Many people view value conflicts as when they have different values than someone else, and although that’s a valid definition, we’re talking about something completely different here. When it comes to spiritual growth, value conflicts are when your conscious or unconscious minds devalue part of truth because it doesn’t quite fit with other parts of truth. Such value conflicts create strong and invisible filters that distort your view of reality.

In the previous article, I talked about 5 types of value conflicts: Conscious Conflict, Unconscious Conflict, Valuing Outcome, Subconscious Avoidance and Subconscious Denial. For the sake of simplicity, I will call them Type 1 to Type 5 value conflicts. These are actually up to 5 layers building on top of each other, meaning there is always a conscious conflict underneath an unconscious conflict that will become visible once you take out a layer. The 5 layers have to be peeled out one at a time. Let’s look more closely at the anatomy of these 5 layers of value conflicts. Keep in mind that everybody has many of these value conflicts, including you.

Layer 5: Subconscious Denial. This is when you have defensive visceral reactions to not look at the truth because of pains. It can also be caused by religious conditioning, where a certain reality is the absolute truth and anything else isn’t. Someone in that zone is not looking for a solution and you should not waste your time trying to fix them. Once they experience enough pain, they might make the decision to change their circumstances, and until then, nothing can change.

Layer 4: Unconscious Conflict. This is when you only have a partial view of reality because of limiting beliefs or because certain things don’t fit with your schema of reality, and you don’t realize it. An example would be a spiritual guru who transcends his false ego and also disconnects from his true ego and his desires. In order to resolve an Unconscious Conflict (Type 4), it must first be turned into a Valuing Outcome (Type 3), meaning that there must be a desire for something you want on the other side in order to reach out to the other side of the value conflict. This is why during strategy sessions, I get crystal clear as to what you really want to have or achieve. General healing or general personal growth cannot resolve unconscious conflicts.

Layer 3: Valuing Outcome. This is when you want a certain outcome yet have other values conflicting with that outcome. For people having a hard time finding their life’s purpose, in theory it should be easy to connect with it, and in practice it is often more challenging than expected because of Type 3 value conflicts. If you are very evolved in other areas of life, there’s no reason you should be blind as to your life’s purpose unless there are value conflicts getting in the way. An example would be a highly educated person who values self-control and also wants to surrender to a higher purpose. How can you surrender to a higher purpose if you tightly control your mind? In order to resolve a Type 3 value conflict, you must identify the value conflict and reach a higher level of truth where both sides work in harmony. In this case, it would be about shifting from your Cyclical Thoughts Patterns mind (linear thoughts) to the Universal Mind (non-linear thoughts) where you can both receive and create from/through the greater mind.

Layer 2: Unconscious Conflict. This is when you value two things without realizing they don’t quite fit together. You still get some results but it dilutes your power and effectiveness by creating noise and distortion. The gap and friction between values and elements of truth are caused by blind spots. In order to resolve unconscious conflicts, you must become aware of the blind spots (Type 2) to turn it into a conscious conflict (Type 1).

Layer 1: Conscious Conflict. This is when you consciously value two things and know they don’t quite fit together. At this point, you feel like going into two directions at once and are stuck there until you either resolve the value conflict or ignore one of the values. Think of someone in the army who values truth and freedom yet has to follow orders into a fake war. Either he’ll drop his personal values, he’ll disobey and take consequences for it, or he’ll find a 3rd path that will satisfy both values. In order to resolve a conscious conflict, you must expand your vision to reach a higher level of truth where both sides work in harmony.

These are 5 layers of value conflicts building on top of each other. Each of your value conflicts has any of these 5 degrees of intensity, and you must work your way down by peeling the layers one at a time. With energy blockages, you can simply remove the root and everything built on top of it will go away, but with value conflicts, you really must take out the layers one at a time so it is a longer process. Each layer also has to be resolved in a different way. As long as you are in Type 4 or Type 5 value conflicts, there’s not much I can do to help you. As soon as you have a strong enough motivation, desire and sense of urgency, it becomes a Type 3 value conflict and we can leverage that to break down the barriers. Take some time to really “think” about all this information. It will transform your life in a very profound way. Nobody else talks about this, not in spirituality, not in NLP and not in personal growth, so you really have to look internally to find your own truth. We’re exploring new territories.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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