Following up with the communications about the upcoming live event, with the pre-release of the book The History of the Universe and the Breaking of Spirituality, there is a topic that came up to the surface at the center of the “great spiritual conflict” that is causing so much friction: transcending mental spirituality. This is a very complex topic that I quite frankly wouldn’t know how to explain so I will let Metatron do it for me as he’s very good at explaining complex topics in simple terms that calibrate with the audience.

First, quick update about the upcoming live event on June on June 16th and 17th in Chiang Mai. There are still 3 spots available. I believe the 21 people who read the book The Story of the Universe now understand the importance of this event. There is no other way to understand the real value than to put it in its proper context, and that’s what the book is doing. There won’t be any hard selling, and if we only have 3 people attend we’ll do it with 3 people. If you understand the importance of this event as a pivotal point for the planet and a catalyst to take a much higher role within the Universe, then I trust you’ll do whatever is necessary to make it there. This is not for the faint of heart.

The rest of this message will be from Metatron.

This is Metatron, Senior of the Archangels. It has come to our attention that there is considerable friction between the emerging energies and the Western spiritual movement, to the point where after the defeat of the Dracos and of the Cabal, the Western spiritual paradigms have become the number one conflicting energy preventing the planet from integrating a broader range of high frequency energies.

The communication from my Right-Wing Commander Izael about Breaking Spirituality explained several of the main reasons for this. Here we will discuss another topic that keeps your energy local and prevents you from connecting with the greater picture of the Universe.

In Western Spirituality, the fundamental paradigm generally goes along those lines. You have a beliefs system, that beliefs system dictates your thoughts and actions, and everything you experience in life is a reflection of that beliefs system. Although this accurately describes the reality of the common man who is living his own individual life disconnected from the Universe, this is not a paradigm that can lead to Enlightenment. Why? Because you cannot reach Enlightenment through a beliefs system.

When Buddha attained Enlightenment meditating under a tree, he did not do so by adopting a better beliefs system. He did so by transcending his rational mind to connect with the fluid thoughts process of the Universe.

Why, then, is there so much focus on beliefs system in Western Spirituality? Because of an addiction to the mind and a need to control. Replacing a flawed beliefs system by a better beliefs system, and training the mind to think positively, can linearly improve the quality of life but cannot connect you to the Divine Matrix. Why? Because the Divine Matrix is an intelligent flow of information that often don’t make linear sense. To connect with this non-linear Greater Intelligence, one must transcend his linear mind and his beliefs system.

When you read the book The History of the Universe and the Psychic War of End Times, we do not want you to adopt a beliefs system and gather intellectual information. It is for that reason that we ask you to muscle-test everything you read and that there are pictagrams with very powerful energetic frequencies. By reading the book, you do not gather information but rather connect to a field of consciousness. By connecting with the field of consciousness, you can get a lot more knowledge than what’s written within the pages of the book. The field of consciousness is beyond your rational mind, and you must suspend your rational mind to connect with it. It is not about adopting a new beliefs system that is closer to the truth. You must leave your beliefs systems aside to connect with the field of consciousness and a new truth will emerge from within. Not as beliefs, but as a sense of knowing.

It is the same with the live event. The reason these events will never be recorded and never be broadcasted is because it is a live experience of transformation. There is a lot of addiction to information in the truth and consciousness movement, and this information does nothing more than clutter your mind. What matters is the energetic transformation and the field of consciousness you connect with. If you jump in a volcano, it doesn’t matter your perspective or beliefs system, you’re going to burn. If you jump in the water, it doesn’t matter your perspective or beliefs system, you’re going to get wet. If you go to such a live event, it doesn’t matter your perspective or beliefs system, you’re going to unlock something within you that you didn’t even know was there.

When you start expanding your energy beyond your personal self to connect with the Universe and your greater purpose, there are energetic dynamics that come into play that transcend your personal life. The psychic war of end times, for example, affects everybody who plays any role in this war. Your beliefs system, rational thinking or perspective cannot change the energetic dynamics that relate with your path and purpose. All they can do is create barriers blocking the Divine Matrix and creating distortion and barriers disconnecting you from the Greater Truth. Thus, to find your place in this Universe and live your greater purpose, you must connect with the Divine Matrix, and to do so you must transcend your rational mind. Your rational mind is a great servant but a horrible master. It is there to manage the details of your life, not to control the energies nor the greater picture. You can only serve one Master. If your rational mind is your God, you cannot serve the Source Consciousness.

Thus, in this conflict between the rational mind and the greater non-linear mind, you must decide which game you want to play and which matrix you want to connect with. Do you want to use your local mind and serve your local environment, or do you want to use your Greater Mind and serve the One True God?

By One True God, I do not refer to any individual or entity. Anything that has a name or personality cannot be the One True God. The Source Consciousness is a series of laws that dictate the Universe. It is a Greater Intelligence based on a series of laws. These are not laws that restrain, but laws that ensure freedom of choice and growth for all in the grander scheme. Because it is not an entity and has no personality, you cannot channel from Source Consciousness, which is why Etienne is instead channeling from high-dimensional beings such as me.

Then, one question remains. If beliefs can be transcended and cannot lead to Enlightenment, what about all these spiritual masters who are living their purpose and accomplishing great things through the adoption of better beliefs? They are living only a shadow of what their soul is capable of. They really have no idea what powers lie within them. And if they knew, they would be afraid. Not just of their powers but of the responsibility that comes with it and the greater purpose that is being asked of them. Soon, a lot of people who are having a positive local impact will be asked to play a much bigger game. It is a scary leap, and there are even scarier events coming.

End of transmission.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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